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APIPA Cconfig 0

What Is APIPA ???

APIPA Automatic Private IP Addressing called as APIPA, this an inbuilt feature of Windows Operating System. APIPA is meant for environments like a non-routed small business...

What Is DHCP 1

What Is DHCP In Network

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol called as DHCP is a network protocol for assigning dynamic IP addresses to a network connected device.

LG Uplus 5G Service 1

LG Uplus 5G Is Switch On

LG Uplus 5G turn on its 5G network in some areas next-generation mobile service to be available to smartphone users launch of 5G services middle of November

Airtel Lost Subscribers 0

Airtel Lost 2.3 Million Mobile Subscribers

Airtel Lost Subscribers In the last few weeks, the COAI (Cellular Operators Association of India) has released its latest report. The report detailed the mobile subscribers in...

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Top 5 Ebook Readers / eReader

Top 5 Ebook Readers / eReader Time is changing book reading is now not only on paper on you can read book paperless also, now most of us...

YouTube VR With Oculus Go 0

YouTube VR Arrives In Oculus Go

YouTube VR With Oculus Go Finally, Oculus Go owner get the most waited good news. The biggest one thing in the world now happened, Oculus Go...


Apple iPhone XR Price Specs

Apple iPhone XR Very recently the Apple’s new 6.10-inch touchscreen display iPhone was released. The Apple launched their iPhone XR, this year 2018 in September. It...

honor 7x specifications

Huawei Honor 7X Specification Price

Huawei Honor 7X Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications company was launched the Honor 7X on October 2017. The company is declared as the largest telecom infrastructure...

Oppo F5 Specifications

Oppo F5 Specifications | Price | Availability

Oppo F5 The electronics manufacturer, Oppo Electronics Corp. started its journey since 2004, in Guangdong, China. The company makes LCD-TVs, DVD/Blu-ray players, MP3 players, and portable media...

Samsung Galaxy S9 Price In India

Samsung Galaxy S9 Price Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S9 In 1969, the company was founded as Samsung Electric Industries, Suwon, South Korea-headquartered Samsung Electronics and now they famous for their every device, like...

Huawei p20 pro lite


Huawei P20 Lite The Huawei, Chinese telecommunications company, also known as the largest telecom infrastructure maker in the world. The company had been started manufacturing mobile phones since 1997,...

blackberry key2 specs

BlackBerry KEY2 Specifications Price

BlackBerry KEY2 The BlackBerry KEY2 was launched in June, this year. It is a Dual-SIM smartphone that sports a 4.50-inch touchscreen display. It carries many...

motorola moto z3 india price

Moto Z3 Specifications Price Overview

Moto Z3 Specifications Price In the year 2011, after the establishment of Motorola Mobility, the company was divided into two companies with Motorola Solutions catering to the...

Google Classroom | Full Guide For Beginner

WHAT IS Google Classroom ??? Google Classroom is a free application. The Google was designed the Google Classroom application. Students and teachers are able to communicate...

Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones | 2018

Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones There are many noise-canceling headphones that anyone can buy. But if you searched for best noise-canceling headphones then you must get difficulties...

Huawei P20

Best Discount Offer Huawei P20 Pro, P20 Lite

Discount Offer Huawei P20 In India, the Huawei’s P-series latest flagships called Huawei P20 Lite and Huawei P20 Pro ware on open sale for more than a month. These P-series smartphones...


What Is E-mail

History of email In 1971, Ray Tomlinson was first sent an email to himself as a test e-mail message, the text was “something like QWERTYUIOP“, and now...

Google Assistant

What Is Google Assistant | How Does It Work

WHAT IS GOOGLE ASSISTANT The Google Assistant is upgrading or extension of Google Now and it is designed to be personal. It knew your meeting locations, travel plans, your most favorite...

LG G6 Specification

LG G6 Specification Features Price

LG G6 Specification & Features In1958 as GoldStar, in the Seoul the LG Electronics was first founded. In 2009 the LG Electronics launched their first Android smartphone and in 2011 they...

HP EliteBook x360 1020 G2

HP EliteBook x360 1020 G2 Review

HP EliteBook x360 1020 G2 The HP’s EliteBook x360 1020 G2 and EliteBook x360 1030 G2, these two laptops both are able to flip their touch screens...

Best Phones Under Rs 15000

Best SmartPhones Under Rs 15000 India

Best SmartPhones Under Rs 15000 There are many smartphone buyers in India, who are want to buy a smartphone which offers decent performance and experience at...