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It is not so hard to find out a game in our phones, at least 1 or 2 we can easily find out which we play regularly but the hard thing is finding out offline games that play without internet from our handset because mostly they are online games.

Offline games are good options when you have no internet connection and your current time is so boring,  for a refreshment you can play offline games. So before this, you need to know about good offline games. Here in below, you see the list of top ten offline games. Take a quick look…

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Top Ten Offline Android Games

01. Mazes & More (Puzzle Game)

This ‘Mazes & More’ game is a very sensitive puzzle game. It has many modes such as self-explanatory time trial mode, ice floor, traps mode, Darkness mode, and Classic mode. In the Darkness mode, you will see the maze at the start and next everything will go dark without a small spotlight, and the target is you have to make your way of exit.

Mazes & More (Puzzle Game) best free android gameIn the ice floor mode, you will end up sliding ahead of where you wanted to go, the Classic mode presents their old and simple maze-solving. These modes include a lot of levels and if you want you can go back into a level.


02. Once Upon A Tower (Platformer)

The platform game, One Upon A Tower’s main agenda looks like an unusual dramatic story. Here, to escape a dragon a princess kicks some target with the help of sledgehammer, the prince of the game is dead and the princess have to battle with all types of monsters (ogres to spiders) on her way.Once Upon A Tower (Platformer)

If the princess that means you win in the battle you can collect coins and power-ups and these will be required to pass levels to escape the tower.


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03. Jungle Marble Blast (Arcade)

The ‘Jungle Marble Blast’ is a very good offline arcade game, it is totally a free game. To shoot, tap anywhere on the screen. To swap between the two colored spheres which you have you need to tap on the beetle.Jungle Marble Blast (Arcade)

Shoot the spheres at the chain going around the map to create sequences of three or more, and if you solve this target you can get power-ups and send the chain back. Into one color turn a large chunk or burst them.


04. Smash Hit (Shooter Game)

If you play the shooter game, the ‘Smash Hit’, it required you to throw steel balls at glass objects to smash them into pieces, this game is played from a first-person perspective. It has many levels when you progress the pace picks up. Keep in mind that do not get hit by any glass object.Smash Hit (best free offline Shooter Game)

Builds up a chain of successful hits and take out all glasses which gives you bonuses (such as increasing the number of steel balls you launch at the same time). This is a very interesting game, owned the fame ‘one of the most addictive games of 2014’.


05. Major Mayhem (Action/ Shooter Game)

This game is very entertaining, it has both action and shooting situations. In it’s shooting gallery, enemies explode out from hiding spots, you need a tap to kill them or if you are angry you can throw bombs also.Major Mayhem (Action/ Shooter Game)

When you kill sprees, headshots, cool kills then you can earn bonuses and next upgrade your weapons, and you have to remind that your enemies will also try to shoot you, so be extra careful.


06. Shadow Blade Zero (Platformer)

It is playable in both modes online and offline (both modes is free) when you play in the online mode you have to face ads and if you play in the offline mode it is ads-free.

Shadow Blade Zero (Platformer)The ‘Shadow Blade Zero’ is a good side-scrolling platformer game. In the game, you will find enemies, and until you find your master just jump over traps.


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07. Crossy Road (Endless Runner)

In this endless runner ‘Crossy Road’ game you need to control a chicken (who wants to cross the road), and to control it tap to go ahead one lane, and to move side, swipe in any direction.Crossy Road (Endless Runner)

You need to move fast and also avoid the cars on the highways, streams, and make safe the green grasses. It is a very attractive game, players are usually playing this game to beat their own high score.


08. Pixel Dungeon (RPG)

The completely free RPG game ‘Pixel dungeon’ is an entertaining ads-free offline game.

Pixel Dungeon (RPG)You can upgrade your character and explore the dungeon. You can play it as a mage, warrior, rogue, or huntress, and find out lower and lower, monsters, magical plants, potions, and new secrets.


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09. Asphalt Nitro (Racing)

‘One of the best free Android games of 2015’, the racing game ‘Asphalt Nitro’ is basically a racing game which is ‘free, offline, long game time’.  It requires 110 MB space and works on older hardware, so to play this game you must need this place on storage. The game contains 125 levels where the difficulty grows up one after one separately.

Asphalt Nitro (free offline Racing game)Though its graphics are not so good, when you play you will enjoy the competition in your car and can upgrade your wonderful journey. The well known high-end Asphalt car racing series’s stripped-down version is the Asphalt Nitro.


10. Shadow Fight (Fighting)

The ‘Shadow Fight’ is good playing option in fighting segment, it has two-dimensional art style with silhouettes. It gets two action buttons (punch and kick), and a directional pad, when you learn the techniques of these combinations the total game will be effortless and interesting for you.Shadow Fight (Fighting)

If you any other interesting offline games that you think is best please let us know in the comment section, to stay with us and get latest post update do SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE.

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