12 Powerful Android Apps For Power Users

In today’s world without any doubt, we can easily say our smart devices are our third helping hand my case comes first. These essential things help us in many ways, we all know that. Our mobiles are usually filled with many important data, regular essentials, and many more things. For this purpose, anyone wants to keep their mobile phone safe, secure and alive for a long time we introduce you powerful android apps to download.

List Of Powerful Android Apps

The way is not so hard if you want you can easily make your android phone powerful with this powerful apps, provide it new features, allow it more speed, and also furnish a customized look, through some helpful apps. In the following points, we have stated about fourteen top helpful Android app’s name and some description of them, you can install them to your Android device to make it more lively and powerful.

List Of Powerful Android Apps

1. Resilio Sync APP

Resilio Sync APP

It is a helpful syncing app, you can sync data in your devices without any kind of internet connection only through this app. Resilio Sync can sync files between your Android and your Mac, PC, NAS, and some server, for best security it encrypts all transfers. The app works similarly to the SHAREit app and the other extra feature of Resilio Sync is its auto-sync feature which you can see at the top of the Resilio Sync app.

2. 3C Toolbox APP

3C Toolbox Powerful Android APPS

The 3C Toolbox is a multi-purpose app contains many features. In one hand it monitors the Android system (including battery, processor, etc), and it also offers tools on the other hands. The tool includes the file explorer system, battery manager, task manager, and more. This app’s other benefit is, you can to switch system components easily, and it helps you to run custom scripts.

3. NOVA Launcher APP

NOVA Launcher APP

The NOVA Launcher is a fester performing app, and its work list is big also. Through NOVA Launcher you can customize app icons, animations, home screen, layout, etc, and this is not the end, you can control colors for folders, tabs, backgrounds, and labels.

4. ES File Explorer APP

NOVA Launcher APP

It is a file managing app offers you to access and analyze the file system. The Remote File manager feature supports you to manage your phone’s files from your computer, and the Wi-Fi File Transfer feature helps you to share files for free between wirelessly connected devices. The ES File Explorer supports FTP, cloud storages, etc. Mostly all file management actions can be supported by the app.

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5. Smart Booster – Free Cleaner APP

Smart Booster - Free Cleaner APP

It is an essential app for your Android device. The Smart Booster app is a very effective application manager, this optimizes your device, scan and cleans all junk very efficiently.  It boosts up the RAM, and just for a single click, it cleans all cached data from your Android phone’s memory.

6. Rec. (Screen recorder)

Rec. (Screen recorder)

The Android screen recording app, Rec support configurable and flexible screen recordings. Only for a simple touch, you can start screen recording and to stop it only off the screen or shake your Android device. In its pro version, you can record screen up to 1 hour along with audio (via Mic.).

7. Quick Reboot APP

Quick Reboot APP

This app is for those people who are getting tired with using ADB or internal to reboot in various advanced modes. The Quick Reboot app offers many advanced reboot options such as fast reboot (UI or apps), safe mode, reboot to recovery or bootloadernormal reboot, and restart System UI.

8. DNS Changer APP

DNS Changer APP

To change DNS entries on your device you can use the DNS Changer app, it gets a smart and clear interface. The app will not only help you to change DNS for both mobile data and Wi-Fi networks, but it will also work for both rooted and unrooted Android devices.

9. Log Viewer APP

Log Viewer APP

The Log Viewer has made for view text or log files. If you are a promising developer, you can see the logs of your own app directly from your Android device. The app offers customization features like setting font, searching, etc.  It’s another feature is, it helps non-devs to check out logs of any crashed app and report the matter.

10. Root Call Blocker APP

Root Call Blocker APP

It is a blocker app, mainly designed for the root users. Its work is blocking the SMS, calls, MMS, and for calls it stops the phone from ringing, supports ignoring, hanging up, rejecting incoming calls which you don’t want. If you want to blocks those messages which are not in the default messaging app, then you can also block messages by this app.

11. DiskDigger Photo recovery APP

DiskDigger Photo recovery APP

By this DiskDigger Photo recovery app you can restore the accidentally deleted photos. It enables you to upload the recovery files to your Dropbox or Google Drive and you can also directly mail the recovered files. With root access, it searches for videos, and it works on non-rooted devices in limited mode, only for photos.

12. Speed Up Swap APP

Speed Up Swap APP

This app helps your Android handset to use memory very skillfully. It improves your Android phone’s behavior and speeds up your device. Must remember, if you disturb the app too much then the result will be not so good for your Android device, so use it very carefully.

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