7 Free CAD Software To Download

As we all know a CAD software is quite hi-price & this is a must-have software for some people’s work area. If you fit in that area and looking for free CAD software for your work but could you not find out? Don’t take stress, here we stated seven free CAD software which you can download very easily from the web.

These CAD Softwares would help you in many segments like as you can create 3D modeling, product design, professional CAD project, build machine parts design, Printed Circuit Board (PCB), technical drawings, real-time animation, and more.

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Take Look At These Seven Free CAD Software

  • SketchUp Make


Mainly for architectural purposes in the 3D design market, people use this 3D modeling software, SketchUp Make. It is a complete 3D modeling software that provides all the tools like minus, price tag, etc.

Download Here

  • OpenSCAD

(SUPPORTS Linux, macOS, and Windows)

The OpenSCAD supports interactive modeling and helps you to create design your model. Who wants to create the design for machine parts, this application is worthy for them. Basically, the OpenSCAD is an ideal 3D modeling platform for engineers.

Download Here

  • QCAD

(SUPPORTS Windows, Linux, and macOS)

This is a better application for beginners who have no experience in CAD application. By QCAD you can create technical drawings such as diagrams, mechanical parts, schematics, buildings, etc. This 2D CAD program is easy to use and great also.

Download Here

  • DraftSight

(SUPPORTS macOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, and Windows)

The DraftSight is a fine 2D CAD editor for CAD students, educators, and professional CAD users. The interface of DraftSight is poor.  It lets you generate professional-looking plans using polylines, text, lines, dimensions and more, this will so good for you if you want to create, edit, and view your project in the native DWG file format.

Download Here

  • KiCAD

(SUPPORTS macOS, Windows, Ubuntu, and Linux)

This is an open-source PCB design tool that provides a project manager and four main software like Printed Circuit Board editor, footprint selector for the component association, schematic editor, and GERBER file viewer. Some additional software tools included in OpenSCAD. For example, to modify or create footprint components it gives you 2 library component editors, and to render your PCB in 3D it has a 3D viewer.

Download Here

  • NanoCAD

(SUPPORTS Windows)

NanoCAD is a CAD tool that comes with many benefits along with full .dwg support. The nanoCAD is a good choice for them who are just a beginner or already a power user.  You have to pay a premium price if you want to get nanoCAD’s other sterling benefits, like ONSAP and SNAP, lots of precision tools, Command Line tool, and many others.

Download Here

  • 3DCrafter

(SUPPORTS Windows)

This gets 3D primitives, some modeling tools, and Shape Building Tools to create complex models. The 3D modeling software and real-time animation based CAD program the 3DCrafter lets you make 3D modeling with a simple drag-and-drop.

Download Here


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