A Guide How To Clean Your Infected PC

A Guide How To Clean Your Infected PC

Oh! your PC have already infected, Now you have to worry.

It can come from your favorite browser, pen drive, pop-up, unwanted software etc. This virus can steal your data and also corrupt your system.

Now you have to remove this virus from your computer, if you want to follow a standard procedure then come with us.

Here we give you some tips & tricks that will clean & prevent future infection.


What is system restore? System restore is a process that can restore your computer to the earlier selected date, it can help you a lot in this case. This simple method will restore your PC to the state before it is infected.It will return all settings to selected date without changing any files on your computer.

Clean Your Infected PC

Note - This will work If virus not disable the feature. 

How To Do System Restore



After click on “Restore my computer to an earlier state” select the date on the calendar before the PC was infected and click next.

Now you see information regarding this process read the information and click next and this will make reboot your computer.

After completing full process your PC will return to its normal state.

Now its time to smile but you have to clean the virus, just because your PC is no longer give you problem it doesn’t mean that virus is gone. It may be sleeping somewhere inside your PC waiting for re-emerge.

Now follow the steps below to clean virus.


You can start scanning your PC using antivirus but one more important thing is that if the virus is already running in the background, antivirus is not able to detect them.

Don’t worry we have a solution for this also, you just need a tool call RKill.

RKill is a free tool it can help you to stop viruses from running in the background process with just a click.A Guide How To Clean Your Infected PC


After stopping running viruses from the background process, you have to kill the viruses by using TDSSKiller. Download it and scan your PC after installing the software it will automatically prompt you with repair solution or simply delete the malware, after all, done restart the PC.

After boot up your PC you have to do one more thing,( Don’t forget to run  RKill ) Download Dr.Web CureIt! run the scanner to look for leftover Malware, Trojans & Spyware after all this your PC should be free from most of the viruses.


AdwCleaner is to for remove adware, Malwarebytes is Junkware Removal Tools to remove the unwanted toolbar. Download this two software, now run RKill first and run this two software if there more malware it will kill all.

Clean up complete, Now its come to Protection.

Firewall Protection

First turn on windows firewall and make sure it is on all the time. If you have another firewall program then turn on.

Many antivirus software has there own firewall program Like Quick Heal it is always good option to have a registered copy of an total security on your computer.

Clean Your Infected PC

You can also use other firewall software, like Comodo it can help you to protect your PC from unwanted guests.

Now after this, Turn On the System Restore option is very good option.


This will prevent future losses of important data. So turn on the system restore for future.

A restore point is convenient if your PC gets infected.  you can simply restore your PC.


Go to RUN > type gpedit.msc hit enter.

Now you are in group policy folder

Go to Computer Configuration on the left side.

Go to Administrative Template > System Folder > System Restore.

I think this will help you a lot.


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