10 Things You Need To Know About Microsoft Office 365 New

The latest Microsoft Office 365 (Home Premium) had finally launched with so many changes. The previous versions of Microsoft Office were very different from the latest Microsoft Office 365 but these most of differences are found positive as compared to its previous Microsoft Office version.

The most important 10 facts of the latest Microsoft Office 365 are discussed here as under follow them: 

  1. Price and subscription model: Now, the Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium is sold in the subscription model. That costs $99 per year for an entire household to install it and some other versions of the suite are sold as a “perpetual” license, that means, one copy of the software is licensed to only one machine.

  2. In the cloud: In two prospect the Microsoft Office 365 is considered as “in the cloud” they are, A. the office suite itself is set up to save your documents to the cloud, you may choose SkyDrive(one drive) for this, you also get the option B. to save files locally, but the apps integrate is very close with SkyDrive(One Drive).

  3. Operating system: On Windows 7 or on Windows 8 and higher running machines (not Vista or XP) the Microsoft Office 365 can be installed and you also install it (Microsoft Office 365)  on a Mac running OS X (10.5.8 and higher). But on Mac running OS X (10.5.8 and higher), you will get Office 2011(full version) as an alternative for Microsoft Office 365.

  4. License good for five devices: Here you can install Office on up to five devices, which include also Macs and Windows machines and these are possible for only paying a subscription fee for Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium. Microsoft said, “you’ll be able to install the suite on additional, select mobile devices “when available“.

  5. Free Skype minutes: Home Premium subscribers can get 60 free Skype minutes to call, per month in supported countries, and Skype-to-Skype calls are free but for international landline calls, you need to use your Office minutes.Microsoft Office 365 cloud

  6. Apps included: Some important app s are included in Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium version, like as, PowerPoint, Word, OneNote (not included in the Mac version), Outlook, Access, Excel, Publisher etc.

  7. Must install all apps: There is no choice for you for apps installation in Office 365 Home Premium, so you can not customize your installation by choosing not to install for some apps.

  8. Works on touch-screen devices: These new latest Microsoft Office 365 is designed as touch-screen devices. It will offer you to works like as the touch-screen device, for example, touchscreen laptops, tablets etc.

  9. Additional version and discounts: The Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium launched on February 27. They gave a big discount for University students and faculty, for an office package. It usable on two devices and for four years it much less expensive at $79 only.

  10. Includes 27GB cloud storage: In Office 365, every SkyDrive users will get 7GB space free to start, because Office 365 is designed to integrate closely with SkyDrive. Home Premium subscribers of  Microsoft Office 365 will get an additional 20GB of space, so they can get total 27GB.



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