6 Most Advantages Of Owning An Apple Computer (MAC)

Advantages Of Owning Apple Computer (MAC)

Its common, many Windows and Linux users think about to switching to Apple Computer or you can say MAC Computer. In general, people brought Windows PC and after some time thinking about to switching on iMAC. But there are some factors comes between switching. The most common and effective cause is Cost, Other computers are much cheaper than an iMACapp

The other reason is Data concern, Many of us believe a myth, that after switching to MAC Desktop have to recreate all your data in a whole different format.

But placing all of this on the back side, and get some good & interesting reason for switching to Apple Computer.

Advantages Of Owning An Apple Computer

Better OSApple osx

Before OS X meet Apple, MAC Desktop get pretty bad Operating System. That time was iMAC like a “hobbyist” computer that not stands for Busyness places or real work. After that Apple introduced OS X, solidly built with UNIX foundation, and it makes a huge change in UI design.

Portable MAC (Mac Mini)apple mac mini

Apple release MAC Mini, it revolutionizes the space of your computer desk. You can get extra space that now eats your current huge CPU. It was a great marketing move from Apple. You can easily carry the Mac Mini anywhere and just plug your Keyboard, Mouse and display your Apple computer is ready for you, an easy plug and play PC. imac also can be a Portable computer like all-in-one PC it, the whole CPU is stored behind the display. This Mac mini Pc is not an under power it’s also powerful as a full PC(imac). You get all the default APPS that ran on Apple computer(imac). The Apps may start slowly but after that its work fine.

Sleep ModeSleep mode in mac

Windows also have a great sleep mode but not as great as Apple Pc. Windows 7 and higher versions of windows are doses the job correctly but over the time it will get hanged frequently. Microsoft can’t correctly design the hibernation feature, that’s why it’s not good for stable use. Apple Computer is amazing when comes to sleep mode, its easily put the computer into sleep mode and wake up from sleep almost instantly.

Driver Softwaredevice manager windows

If you are a Windows user then you know most of the hardware are needs drivers externally, if the driver mismatch with the hardware your computer makes bad things. But on the other hand, at Apple, they built their software based on their hardware, so No external driver need to run Apple’s hardware. This can be a good thing but if you are a video game lover then Apple Desktop can make your head pain, You can not simply put your favorite video card into Apple Computer. This is the reason Apple platform loser in the community in Gaming. But for this, you can go into the Xbox System you will get 100% result.

Windows Can Run Better On AppleWindows on mac

An Apple PC’s hardware configuration can better run with a Windows Os, its performance go smother with no glitches. Every OS X was created to allowing to use PC software on MAC. Your Mac can be used as a MAC or PC at the same time. This is the best part of MAC computer or you can say painful part for PC lovers.

Costapple macbook pro

The most strong point is Apple Computer has more resell value than a PC. Yes, An Apple computer cost more than a PC, but you get what you pay for. Apple built their products with better quality components. The laptops(MacBook) of Apple are more comfortable due to their lightweight and compact design. All these things make the cost higher but people want to use Apple pc that’s why the value doesn’t drop.



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