Amazon Echo Dot Review (3rd Generation)

3rd Generation Amazon Echo Dot 
The Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) review and specifications consisting of its design, connectivity, sound quality, and functionality are the most important thing about this Amazon device. You just need to know how the Alexa assistant works in 3rd Generation Amazon Echo Dot. Here we mentioned all the things which you need to know about Echo Dot (3rd Generation), before buying it…

Must-Follow Buying Tips For All New 3rd Generation Amazon Echo Dot3rd Generation Amazon Echo Dot 

A. The Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) Design:

The Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) definitely get the better look than previous years as home decor. It is a simple and small device with a shiny plastic body with many more upgraded features, and it has seen more than a small speaker. The entire body of Amazon Eco Dot (3rd Generation) wrapped around by the woven fabric.

This offers a collection of fourmic, a 1.6inch speaker it has which is slightly bigger (up from 1.1) than the secondgeneration’s seven. When music is playing at top volume then the downsize in mic quantity it has no ill effects on hotword detection. For wiring the Echo Dot to external speakers, a 3.5mm headphone jack is included in Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation).

B. The Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) Connectivity:

The Echo Dot have options to hardwire a speaker to the Echo Dot and it gives the advantage of faster WiFi on the 5 GHz network (if available) because on board it includes Dualband WiFi.

There is no accurate declaration by Amazon, which Bluetooth version is packed within the thirdgeneration Echo Dot. The experience of playing music in Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) from phones is good, there were no issues it was wellfounded, easy, fast, and expected that you will also don’t get any trouble during connecting Eco Dot (3rd Generation) with phone’s Bluetooth.

C. The Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) Sound Quality:

The Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) is a singlespeaker device, so it does not give you much loudness in sound, but the good thing is if we compared it (Echo Dot, 3rd generation) with Google Home Mini, we must get a better result from Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation). The 3rd generation Echo Dot has fuller, clear, and louder audio than Google Home Mini.

During hearing Alexa you will not face any problem, but also across the room, the sound will clear and loud enough. Though the 3rd generation Echo Dot has Bluetooth connectivity and 3.5mm jack, it can only join in a multiroom audio setup with other Echo devices. Without the Echo brand, the Alexaenabled speakers cannot be added to groups as Google Assistantenabled speakers, it can possible with Google Home devices, which we can easily say that this is a little bit disappointing thing to its users.

D. The Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) Functionality:

The main source of Echo Dot’s (3rd generation) functionality is the Alexa Assistant. The Alexa has a lot of ground to make up between it and the Google Assistant, the Alexa has become improve some over the years and it works with more ability accuracy, and effortlessly to answering questions. The Alexa now able to gives answers to more questions.

Similar to previous Echo Dots, the 3rd generation Echo Dot has the same four buttons like Volume Up, Volume Down, Mic On/Off, and ‘Action’ button. The Alexa is very much able to do these kinds of functions and it functioning them in Echo Dot (3rd generation) with more satisfaction, such as music playback, smart home setup, initial setup, and etc. The Action button offers more functions, it supports silence alarms, it can call up the Alexa voice assistant, and has the ability to put the device into setup mode. These functions work troubleless.

E. The Alexa App:

This is a little bit advance companion app, which provides you tab for your Home screen that shows you news stories, wheater, and skill advertisements among other interactive cards; Play, which affords controls for playback from podcasts, internet radio, and music streaming services, that now very recently, includes Apple Music support, covering most major streaming platforms; and Communicate, where you can make calls, send texts, and drop in to other Echo devices in your network.

After that finally, the Devices tab takes place where all smart device setup and control. All tabs are presents functions in a straightforward and wellorganized system. These tabs are easy enough to sort through, swipe from the side or hit the menu icon to jump to settings, skills, routines, and a few other functions not belonging to one of the four tabs. There are no settings menus inside of settings menus or labyrinthine folder structures.

3rd Generation Amazon Echo Dot 

CONCLUSION: The Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) is no doubly an amazing device from Amazon at a price of $50 (selling for $30 and less, currently/frequently). This is basically a housing unit for its Alexa assistant and so many integrations come with it, and it works also as a Bluetooth speaker and streaming device.  Hearing the music audio is a big satisfying thing in Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation), but here a question occurred that is Alexa a perfect assistant or not? The 3rd generation Amazo Echo Dot is truly perfect as a smart home and if you strongly want a smart assistant for you, then you will just need for the Googlerun smart home.


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