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Amazon Echo

In 2015, the Amazon had made it’s first smart speaker. Now, the Amazon produced it’s latest Amazon Echo. Which is come with so many improvements, for the reason, this latest speaker gives you much better sounds than the smaller Amazon Echo Dot.

The Amazon Echo has dual-speakers which are powered by Dolby. The Amazon Echo’s sound quality is good thus you can play music on this and it really sounds so good. It has a great look because of its new fabric and wood finishes, so your home will get the best look for this.

There is also the downside in the device that is, it’s Alexa digital assistant often doesn’t seem quite as intelligent as Google Assistant, and it doesn’t have the volume dial of the Echo Plus.

If we compare it on the price scale, it is a mid-range speaker than the pricier Echo Plus, so it is a good choice in speaker, without costing so much.

Review Of Amazon Echo

amazon echo fabric 3 colors


The speaker comes with interior design look with three fabric options Charcoal, Heather, and Sandstone. The new Amazon Echo is not as higher as the older original device in size. But the new speaker’s weight has gained. The original was measured at 235 x 84 x 84 mm and the new measured at 148 x 88 x 88 mm. The new Amazon Echo weight 821 g. On the back, it has a 3.5 mm output echo wireless DESIGN AND FEATURES

You can connect it to other larger speaker (wire and wireless), for the wireless connection it supports, Bluetooth. The latest Amazon Echo didn’t have the heft or ‘wow’ factor of the original Echo. If you want to change the decor in your living room you can buy a new shell for your Echo to match, they are available at the price of Euro 29.99 / $30 for others and Euro 19.99 / $20 for fabric versions.

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To set up the Amazon Echo (2nd Generation), use the Amazon Alexa app(ios & Android) on your phone, then go to Settings and Set up a New Device and next choose the Right Echo for installation (they are handily shown as icons) and follow the setup instructions.

You must have to know that, what works in this, what doesn’t work and what to ask Alexa. To make your Echo sing, you will want to dive into the Skills and modify the Echo to work, head to the All Skills part of the app. The new Amazon Echo is more than passable with its sole 2.5-inch echo inside

This smart speaker also has a fun feature, it turns on lights and gets a morning briefing at just your command, by saying “Alexa, start my day”.

Because of its superior sound quality, we can easily say that for the Amazon, the Google Home ()Sonos One, and Apple HomePod are the big competitor.


When the Original Echo was launched it has cost $129(150 Euro). The New Amazon Echo priced at $99.99 ($AU 119) in the US, and in the UK it is priced at 89.99 Euro.

There are no other options that you can not choose it to buy as your smart speaker. Amazon Echo will be a great option for you. If you want to hear the good quality sound in your smart speaker without paying so much money.

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