Android Pie With Some Best Features Short List

Android Pie Best Features
The Android 9.0 Pie presents some exciting smart functions for you. Speed, usability, and adaptability are its main motive thus Android users can get clear, easytouse, and user-friendly devices for use. The most interesting and effective feature called artificial intelligence is established in Android 9.0 Pie, and in this purpose, Google says Android 9 adapts to you.

So many helpful features and functions are introduced by Android 9.0 Pie, and here we going to tell some important features, fixes, and improvements of them, like as Gesture Navigation, Digital Wellbeing, Adaptive Features, App Actions, App Slices, Security Features, Media Improvements, Notifications Control, and Other Improvements. Just take a quick look at these.

Best Features Of Android Pie

Android Pie Best Features

A. Gesture Navigation: The hardware navigation button is not a new thing to any older Android user. After some time the software navigation buttons had taken the place of hardware navigation button, it seemed good supplement because this selection alive still yet if you are a long time user of Android then may also know that. Now, the gesture navigation’s entry in Android Pie is a smart, interesting and beneficial approach for Android lovers.

By default, Gesture navigation is usually turned off, but if you want to enable Gesture navigation go to the Settings > Gestures, there on the screen you will see Swipe up on Home Screen option, just toggle on this option. In the screen’s button, a pillshaped button will occur, to go home click on it and swipe up on it to check the recent apps.

B. Digital Wellbeing: The Digital Wellbeing is a wellwishing feature which is useful to know, what amount of time you spend on your smartphone and this feature also able to restrict the time spending. If you are a mobile addicted person and want to set free from it for some times, you can use the Digital Wellbeing feature., it’s Dashboard will show you data and graphs, for example, the number of notifications which you receive from each app, the amount of time you spend on your device, the number of times you unlock your phone, and etc. It’s App Timer feature allows you to put time limits on apps thus you will be assisted for not using any app for extra times.

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C. Adaptive Features: The Adaptive Battery and Adaptive Brightness are very cool and useful features in Andriod Pie.  Adaptive Brightness discovers your mobiles brightness preferences and configures the screen brightness magically according to your environment. It only needed adjusted brightness slider from you and after that, this will learn your preferences.

To enable or disable it do this, Settings > Display > Adaptive Brightness.

The  Android 9, Adaptive Battery feature is able to learn your app usage and for the most-used apps, it optimizes the battery power and allows more battery time per charge. To set up it, go to the Settings > Battery > Adaptive Battery. Before the Android 6 introduced Doze restricts battery for all nonused apps. So now we can say the new version is effectively amazing than the older.

D. App Actions: So many elegant and modern functions are available in Android Pie, the App Action is one of them, this is also a helpful and cool feature. This function made for promoting you, this assists you to do what you need first, that means it enhances your experiences by predicting your next tasks. For example, when you connect the earphones, it may suggest your favorite music app or a set of playlists, or, if you use the navigation to drive to your office, you may see a shortcut to start navigation in Google Maps in the morning.

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E. App Slices: This programme offers you the most important features of an app without opening the app personally. This App Slices functions are interactive, this is an add-on over App Actions. In particular, if you search for Lytf (the ridehailing app) in the Google Search, an App Slice of Lytf probably show you estimated prices and times for known locations, such as work and home. We said before App Slices are interactive, it offers you to work with the Lyft’s App Slice from the searches, where you can select cab options, the location for your ride and you can book a cab from the App Slice, directly.

F. Security Features: A lot of security and privacy features included in Android 9, like as Device Lockdown or Lockdown is a lock screen function which able to lock down your device. The important thing is, you will need to use your password, PIN, or pattern to unlock your device because it disables notifications on the lock screen and disables unlocking via using one of the Smart Lock and Fingerprint.

According to Google, Android will restrict access to your phone’s microphone, camera, or other sensors when an app is idle or running in the background.

To enable the feature go to the Settings > Security & location > Lock screen preferences and next you will see an option named, Show lockdown option“, toggle on the option. After enabling it long press the power button and to use it click on Lockdown.

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G. Media Improvements: Android 9 features a large number of volume and sound improvements. Instead of the top position, the volume slider situated on the right side, that shows only a single slider to adjust the media volume (de facto) which is an alternative of ringer volume. The volume settings are remembered by your phone for each connected device individually. This Android 9 offers better Bluetooth support. If you have as many as five connected devices to your device at the same time you can choose any one (if supported) of them to handle your calls.

H. Notifications Control: To started checking the notification in limit convict you were required to depend on thirdparty apps in before time, but now the Android Pie presents the better control and report the notifications of distracting apps with built-in reporting.

If you want to check out which misbehaving apps sending you the deflecting notifications, only go to the Settings, then Apps & notification and finally tap on Notifications. Thereafter click on Recently sent and next to see the latest apps which send you notifications tap see all….  To see which apps send you most notifications, switch “Most frequent”. In Android Pie the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature mute the notification sounds and it is also able to hide the notifications, but before it was only able to mute the notification sounds.

I. Other Improvements: The Android 9 offers an updated look with modern material design and rounded corners. This delivered an improved selection experience. At the time when you will long press to select text and grab its handle in Android Pie, you will see a little magnifier, this magnifier will help you to see the magnified text, and this assists you to select the correct text which you will want to select exactly at that time.

A selectable dark them is also offered by the Android 9, to enable it just go to the Settings > System > Display > Advanced > Device theme.

So this is the Android Pie Best Features list if you have more please comment down below.



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