Best Antivirus For Android Mobile In 2021

Antivirus for Android devices is as important as the secured doors and windows of a house. Here I am saying about that kind of house which is filled with sensitive and precious things. The similarity is, our phones are also now carrying lots of major valuable things to help us every day. I think you agree with me.

Without antivirus, an Android phone is equal to calling hackers/thieves, spam attacks, etc. Malware comes in various types of form that depends on OS. There are some specific antiviruses that work best on Android, in this new year,  you can make secure your Android phones with the safest Android antivirus.

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Let’s Start The Journey Explore The Best Antivirus For Android

A.  Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

A fruitful Android antivirus is the ‘Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus’.  Know the all relative information about it, here are they…Kaspersky AV Mobile

  • It is a free app antivirus for Android if you want to use it to get paid version of it.
  • Got 4.8 ratings on Google Play Store.
  • The Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus Installed by over 50 Million.
  1.  It is an efficient antivirus for Android, comes in two forms free and paid.
  2. With its free version, one can scan apps for viruses and malware.
  3. The app offers premium features for 30 days in its free trial period.
  4. The paid (premium) version of the app supports the app locker to your required apps.
  5. This antivirus app is able to block spam and unwanted phone calls.
  6. Real-time protection, anti-phishing, and anti-theft all features are all included in the premium version of the app.
  7. The background apps chacking for malware in downloaded apps, which is also it’s an ability.
  8. Another helpful capability as antivirus for Android the Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus offers, ‘Find My Phone’ feature.
  9. It has eminent scores from 4 antivirus labs.
  10. The Kaspersky Security Cloud is able to protect macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android devices.


The second featureful antivirus for Android is, ‘Avast antivirus’, quickly know the important information of the Avast antivirus app, these are stated below:avast free mobile security

  • Avast is a free antivirus app that also has a premium version.
  • Got 4.7 ratings on Google Play Store.
  • The Avast Antivirus Installed by over 100 Million.
  1. This app scan for unwanted spoiled app and trojans.
  2. It offers total protection against viruses and spyware.
  3. The Avast is carrying good antivirus scores.
  4. Users can get a simple spam filter, ransomware protection with Avast.
  5. Its free version has many outstanding features to keep your android device away from threats, viruses, etc.
  6. One of the most amazing features of the Avast is the ‘photo vault’, that secure photographs from vicious access.
  7. It supports Web Shield, thus users can do secure browsing.
  8. Its capabilities are not only limited to Android, one can also use the Avast Premium Security to protect iOS, macOS, and Windows.
  9. According to, AV-Test it is one of the top-rated Android antiviruses, this is able to let you see the time quantity that you have spent on different apps.
  10. An effective feature of this app is the Junk cleaner feature.

C. BitDefender Antivirus:

An award-winning antivirus is this BitDefender antivirus. Not only on Android devices, but it is also can make Windows, macOS, and iOS devices secure.  The full feature list is below…Bitdefender Antivirus Andriod

  • It is a free app but there is a paid version that supports some premium features explained below.
  • Got 4.7 ratings on Google Play Store.
  • The Avast Antivirus Installed by over 5 Million.
  1. BitDefender Antivirus is one of the greatest antivirus apps in the Android sector, that provides protection from the virus.
  2. It works on in-the-cloud scanning technology that is the reason behind the too fast scanning.
  3. During the process, it does not discharge much quantity of battery, also not slow down your device.
  4. It has an ‘unlock to unlock’ feature for apps, it does it’s this job only on a trustable Wi-Fi network.
  5. The BitDefender offers security on also Android Wearable devices.
  6. This great and free antivirus for Android supports its users’ real-time protection.
  7. It carries an integrated VPN to access blocked websites.
  8. The web protection facility of BitDefender scan malware and adware during browsing.
  9. The paid version of BitDefender offers 14 days free trial, if you want to get web security, App locker, account privacy, malware scanner, Anti-theft, etc you can go with the paid version of BitDefender.
  10. Last but not the list, it can give you an online management faculty for your devices.

D.  Trend Micro Mobile Antivirus:

The next well-supportive antivirus for Android on our list is, the Trend Micro Mobile antivirus, it is new in the antivirus world but much efficient.  Quickly know from the following two paragraphs what it can do for you.Trend Micro Antivirus Mobile

  • A free app is Trend Micro Mobile antivirus.
  • Got 4.7 ratings on Google Play Store.
  • The Avast Antivirus Installed by over 500 thousand people.
  1. The big strength of this antivirus is, it is one of the most trusted cybersecurity organizations in the world.
  2. This antivirus app capable of protects Andriod from phishing, malicious attacks, etc.
  3. It has some fantastic features, such as, Wi-Fi checker that checks for the connection is secure or not.
  4. This app also scans malicious activity on the apps which are installed on your phone.
  5. The next strongest part of the antivirus for Android is, it supports security against fraud banking and shopping apps.
  6. During browsing, it scans the URL and website, which protects your phone from dangerous websites.
  7. With the Trend Micro Mobile app, you can get a privacy scanner for Facebook.
  8. It offers a privacy scanner to find apps that may be exploiting your personal data.
  9. It has great Android virus scans.
  10. You can protect your macOS, iOS, and Windows by the Trend Micro Maximum security.

E. Norton 360:

The Norton 360, a great, skillful, and popular antivirus for Android, though it can also work on iOS, Windows, and macOS. There is no doubt, it’s feature list long, see that, here it is…Norton Mobile Security

  • It is a free app.
  • Got 4.7 ratings on Google Play Store.
  • The Avast Antivirus Installed by over 50 million people.
  1. It is also a very efficient, expert antivirus for Android. The first thing about it I must say, Norton 360 supports a 100%  detection rate and remove Android viruses, spyware, and malware.
  2. This has a call blocking feature for unwanted calls, muting spam, etc.
  3. The Norton 360 able to scan the Wi-Fi connection and inform you if there is any spam or dangerous connections.
  4. There is some individual app which people can download from Play Store, such as, Password manager, & App locker.
  5. It is a strong antivirus for Android devices, provides a storage host for online backup.
  6. A feature the Norton 360 carries is, its observance of your private information if that revealed on the dark web, thus it can protect you also.
  7. A wonderful ability it has and that is, a survey for clicking photographs of someone who entering without any kind of permission into your device.
  8. There is a 30 days trial time for advanced premium feature users.
  9. It let you do a safe search during browsing by indicating unsafe websites.
  10. If your device becomes missing then, the Norton 360 not only activates an alarm to find out your missing device bit it also remotely lock your device to protect your important data from the hack.

F. Avira Antivirus:

One of the most efficient antiviruses for Android is the Avira Antivirus.  Know lots of information about it from the below-mentioned points.Avira Mobile Antivirus

  • Avira is also a free antivirus app, but if you want a premium version you can get that.
  • Got 4.5 ratings on Google Play Store.
  • The Avast Antivirus Installed by over 10 million.
  1. This antivirus very efficiently scans external storage media and also let you know individual every app’s rates on a privacy scale.
  2. Avira is a renowned antivirus for Android, but one can also secure their macOS, iOS, and Windows with it.
  3. The best part of it, a huge number of functions can be found in its free version.
  4. It supports privacy advisor, thus you can watch how apps gathering your data.
  5. Avira also offers Web-based malware protection.
  6. The ‘Cell phone tracker’ of Avira tracks the phone’s location.
  7. To protect your device from a ransomware attack, Avira includes Anti-ransomware protection for the users.
  8. The premium version supports additional browser security, camera protection, etc.
  9. With the Mic and Camera protection, you can get assured security in opposition to snooping attacks.
  10. An expert feature of Avira is, anyhow if you lose your Android device, then who has got your phone, this antivirus can remind the people to contact you.

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G. McAfee Mobile Antivirus:

About McAfee, the question is, what feature it not support? Lots, lots of features it has, it is another free and smart antivirus for Android. All required information related to McAfee antivirus is stated in the following paragraphs.Macafe Android

  • It is a free antivirus app for Android, there is a paid version of McAfee.
  • Got 4.5 ratings on Google Play Store.
  • The Avast Antivirus Installed by over 50 million.
  1. There is an impressive interface and users of McAfree can also get tutorials for its every feature.
  2. Security lock, anti-theft, memory cleaner, battery optimizer, Wi-Fi security, these all features are included in the McAfee Mobile Antivirus.
  3. Its protections you can carry on Android Wear devices.
  4. The pro version of McAfee offers a few outstanding features but that is a bit costly than others on our list.
  5. There is a theft Cam feature in it that captures photographs of the thief.
  6. To stop theft from uninstalling the antivirus, McAfee provides anti-theft protection.
  7. The one side that I must inform you about is when you go with a pro version the app may seem to carry a worried setup.
  8. For the case of loss /theft of your Android device, McAfee offers remotely wipe data.
  9. This antivirus can protect also your Windows, iOS, and macOS devices very efficiently.
  10. There is some other feature in this that users love, these are, PC Boost, Ransome Guard, etc.

H. AVG Antivirus:

The Avast software‘s branch is AVG, the powerful antivirus for Android. This software tool made by AVG Technologies.  It is a spectacular app as antivirus for Android, how? The answer is below in two points.AVG Mobile


  • It is a free antivirus app for Android that also supports paid version.
  • Got 4.7 ratings on Google Play Store.
  • The Avast Antivirus Installed by over 100 million.


  1. Support performance-boosting to enlarge the battery life of your device.
  2. It has dual-engine antivirus that removes malicious and virus.
  3. The AVG can do lots of things such as ram boost, call blocking, Wi-Fi security, timely scan, junk cleaner, etc.
  4. AVG remotely capture photos and record audio through the phone via the website.
  5. There are some AVG addon apps available to help you like as, like Gallery App, AVG Cleaner, AVG Secure VPN, Alarm Clock Xtreme, etc.
  6. It is able to lock photos by the Photo Vault feature.
  7. This supports webcam protection.
  8. Not only on Android, but you can also get security by AVG on a PC.
  9. There are some amazing features but that is available for 14 days trial period.

I. DFNDR Security:

An expert antivirus for Android is DFNDR Security. Last year’s best free antivirus for Android is the DFNDR, according to AV-TEST Institute it has called the top-rated antivirus app at one time. These all are proof of DFNDR Security‘s ability, the lengthy discussion about DFNDR Security is here below. dfndr Security


  • DFNDR Security is a free antivirus app for Android, there is also a paid version.
  • Got 4.5 ratings on Google Play Store.
  • The Avast Antivirus Installed by over 100 million.


  1. The DFNDR is fully-qualified antivirus for Android, works for anti-phishing, anti-hacking.
  2. Offers AppLock thus you can lock apps with fingerprint/passcode.
  3. It can clean cache and junk files so fast.
  4. The DFNDR close background apps to speed up internet connection.
  5. The worst thing about this antivirus is, ads. Though by paying a yearly subscription if you want you can get ad-free DFNDR.
  6. You can get regular updates by DFNDR about the utilization of antivirus.

These are all for you. Properly choose your’s antivirus for Android from the list as per features and requirements.

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