What Is APIPA ( Automatic Private IP Addressing ) | Details


This is a feature of Windows Operating System, APIPA is the meaning of Automatic Private IP Addressing. It will work in DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) clients, it can self-configure an IP address and subnet mask automatically when a DHCP server isn’t available or Down on the network. APIPA first looks for the DCHP server for arrange to obtain an IP address and subnet mask.APIPA details cmd

This service meant for non-routed small Home/Business environments (less than 25 workstations.)

How and When APIPA Service Work

If the client workstation unable to find the right IP information to configure, it uses APIPA, it will configure automatically itself with a private IP address and subnet mask. The range of this private IP is to and the subnet mask is that’s Class B. It will stay in the client workstation until a valid DHCP server available on the network.dhcp ip

The service checks regularly after 5 minutes interval (according to Microsoft)  for the presence of DHCP server. If It found a valid DHCP server UP on the network then it will stop own private IP service and replaces with DHCP Ip. The DHCP IP assigned dynamically with network details (IP, Subnet Mask, Gateway, DNS).



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