Is Apple App Store Changed Apple’s World ?

Apple App Store Changed Apple’s World
More than 2 million iPhone has changed the daily life of billions of people around the world through their Apple app store. Apple’s app store was first introduced about 10 years ago, then this was a very limited choice for people to use them. That time mobile phones were not as used by people as now, so there was very little choice for electronic devices like mobile phones.

After the launch of the iPhone, the company sold 6 million devices during the first year and next they offer App Store with 500 programs to its users. After that people downloaded 10 million apps and many of them were games, it was the big success for Apple that they achieved during the first weekend of the launch of 500 App Store programs.Apple Apps

They offered so many apps that people liked so much like as, the ride-hailing app, Uber. The famous game app, Angry Birds creator Rovio, and other apps Snapchat to Spotify. People used to like using all these Apps because they get from the Apple App Store.

The ride-hailing services named Uber, very helpful technology offered by the company for people to ride easily by Uber. Now, Apple has sold more than a billion iPhones, its big competitors Amazon, Microsoft, and Google also launched their own app stores, roughly 7 million apps were offered by these companies.App store Vs Play Store

The dark side of apps is, many apps are engineered specifically to capture our attention, often to our detriment. The Center for Humane Technology, an advocacy group formed by early employees of Google and Facebook, they all said, that makes them “part of a system designed to addict us.”

Apple’s “free” apps usually display advertising make money from subscriptions or other in-app purchases. Apple takes a cut of this action, sometimes as much as 30 percent, so Apple mostly benefited by the App Store. The fast-growing part of Apple’s business is its App Store, the company generated $33 billion in revenue from App Store (click here) in March ended the year. ‘It has paid out more than $100 billion to developers during the past decade‘ said by the company.



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