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Apple iPhone X 2018

Recently, iOS 12 developer beta hinted, the Apple iPhone X series in 2018 can get new variant and come with new features. According to iOS 12 developer beta, the Apple iPhone X 2018 could include a variant with dual-SIM capabilities.I phone x 2018

Apple iPhone X 2018 Details 

‘The iPhone X Plus and the budget LCD variant of the iPhone, which will have a 6.1-inch LCD display will include dual-SIM options in some regions’, the Bloomberg had reported previously.

This above-quoted line shows that the Apple was planning to launch dual-SIM functionality with at least one of its three iPhones. The 9to5Mac reported iOS 12 5 developer beta includes code for a “second SIM status” and “second SIM tray status”.

The US and UK markets are very unusual to develop the dual-SIM smartphones and this is a different thing from the Asia market because, in Asia’s market especially in India and China, the dual-SIM phones have been around for years.i phone x dual sim

In India, the Samsung, Xiaomi, and some other vendors are selling dual-SIM smartphones but it will be an important thing to see that, the Apple will be restricted the dual-SIM Apple iPhone X 2018 to Asian markets like India and China or it will make dual-SIM the standard option for across all markets.

Some source reported that later this year the Apple is planning to launch three iPhones. And it is also heard one of them would come with a lower price tag. ‘The low-cost iPhone will apparently come with a 6.1-inch LCD display,  the 6.1-inch iPhone will likely to cost between $600 to $700 (approx in Rs 41,145 to Rs 48,002)’, said TF securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The Apple may launch the  6.1-inch iPhone in October.

To expand Apple iPhone users in India, there is a big chance. Here the Apple could launch a dual-SIM capable iPhone. In India, it has a less than 2 percent market share. Not only the dual-SIM feature but the Apple also planned that they will add the most demanded feature in its latest flagship device. So we must have to wait to get this. wait


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