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Apple’s T2 chip MacBook Hardware

Apple set tight control over MacBook hardware, it blocks out the third-party repair centers. In all New MacBook Air, iMac Pro, Mac mini, and MacBook Pro the Apple’s T2 security chip was founded, but now the Apple officially confirmed that the T2 chip performs a series of diagnostics on the first boot after a certain component has been changed. If it finds unauthorized hardware, it bricks the whole device and creating it unrepairable.apples T2 chip

By these below-mentioned steps, we can get an idea that Apple wants to ensure, Apple products are only repaired with authorized service centers or an attempt to grab some market share from third-party repair service, but they did not define this matter.

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The replacement parts must be within the ASP (Authorized Service Provider) network. The person who repairs it needs to run a software diagnostics tool that only ASP centers or Apple Store have access to, and at least that need according to the official Apple document. Logic board, top case, and Touch ID for the MacBook Pro and flash storage for the iMac Pro are displayed in the sheet list, and also in newly released MacBook Air and Mac mini, you can not replace those key components outside an Apple-authorized service center or outside an Apple Shop. To replace theme you must need an Apple-authorized service center or an Apple Shop.



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