Some April Fool Ideas For Bloggers

April Fool Ideas
April is coming and month of April starts from April Fool day, almost everyone planning for it. I am also thinking to make a prank but not able to grab the right plan. If you are a blogger the prank also helps you to get extra attention to your blog. Here I listed some common but useful April Fool Prank for blogger it may help you to select your plan for the day.

History of April Fool Day

April Fool Day or 1st April also called Fool’s Day, there is no perfect reason for the day. It has been celebrated for a long time by many cultures, the real reason for the day is still a mystery. Some of the historians assumed its start from the year 1582.

List Of April Fool IdeasList Of April Fool Ideas

April Fool Giveaway Announcement

Make a fake giveaway announcement on your blog. like you give an iPhone or other expansive things to your reader (specific). Add some rules on it to make realistic prank, you can see some engagement. Do the post 5 to 7 days before of 1st April, if you post very close to April Fool there is a chance to catch up.

Now after all done, announce a winner and send him an email & write a post with a photo of that expansive thing and attach a sweet April Fool note with a big smelly.

April Fool How To Make Money Online

Post an announcement to publish an ebook named as Guide To Make Money Online and it will be free to all. Free money making plan always gets an extra chance to get viral, if your post gets hits, edit the post on that date and add an April Fool message with some sweet note.

April Fool Display Fake Revenue

This idea works some times because it is not so interesting for everyone, but your regular readers surely get a hit. Publish a post that displays a fake AdSense or other AdNetwork’s income proof & the income need to looks huge. On 1st April reveal the truth with April Fool Message.

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April Fool Arrange An Auction

Create a post that you to auction your blog. It will look normal if you do this 56 day before 1st April. Now put a fake auction price and ask your dear friends to give some fake comments to look the whole thing is realistic. It will also distract people from that day (April Fool).

You will start receiving some offers, not engage all of them at the end day let your friend buy your blog. It will surely make April Fool successfully and at the end of the day reveal the truth with a sweet note.

April Fool Sold To Google 

This idea surely makes crazy, Arrange a post that says your blog will be sold to Google on the month of April and write an emotional good by an article to your readers. You can see tons of comments don’t reply to all of them. Now on the end day post an April Fool photo with a sweet note.

This was some crazy ideas that I found hope you also like. If you have more crazy of them let us know in the comment section.

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