Do Automatic Backup In Android like A Pro

Take a regular backup of your android phone’s data is a time taking work if it is done automatically I think you nevermind. Read the full article to know how you backing up all the vital data in a perfect and easy way to avoid your important data loss. Through some easy techniques, you can back up your allimportant data very easily.

So backing up data is very necessary for you if you think you have any significant major data in your Android device. Backup options and many third-party solutions are originally offered by the Android mobiles.

If you are an Android user you must get two options to backup data, for example, Android’s native backup option and Google’s cloud sync option. When you allocate the above two options for backup, you don’t need to take any kind of stress to avoid data loss. In Android mobiles back up are possible in two ways, we said that before, now you may wait to know, what is the technique to back up data in an Andriod device? Just see below and note the procedure quickly.

How To Set Automatic Backup AndroidDo Automatic Backups Android


Android ables backs up contacts, app data, and many more data to Google Drive. By going to Settings > Backup & reset, you can easily find out them. You need to check that the backup is enabled after confirmed it, click on Google account to set up its settings, and to set up the auto-backup feature, must enable the toggle named Back up to Google Drive.

  • Backup manually to the Drive: Just click on Back up now to back up manually. Manually backup will be a perfect way for you when you are connected to a high-speed network, or when you want to switch the phone and you wish to back up the latest data before switching.
  • Check the backed-up app data: Tap on App data to check the backed up data of apps, and when you reinstall an app on your handset you can toggle the option Automatic restore to disable or enable the feature to auto-restore the app data (for all apps). Though few apps do not support the backing up their app data feature, some useful apps support this backing up app data feature like Chrome, Calendar, Blocked Numbers, AMdroid, Airtel TV and etc.
  • Check backup data in the Drive: The Google and Android manage the backup features and they did not let you download or check backed up data by yourself but you can check the connected apps and delete their backed-up data for free up space. Open Google Drive firstly, for Web in a browser then click on the gear icon and choose Settings. In the dialog window of Settings, you will find the Manage Apps option from the left panel, click on the Manage Apps option then, you will see the apps backing up data to your account but there you will not see all the apps.  To delete an app’s backed-up data click on the OPTIONS > Delete Hidden App Data.

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Google allows a cloud sync feature in Android devices. Thus, Android users can back up a variety of data to its cloud servers very easily by using the sync feature of an Android device’s services and apps. If you wish to sync almost all types of data, you have needed to use and install those apps like, you will be able to sync Play Games Cloud Save if you use Play Games, that offers back up one’s progress in the installed games. Similarly, if you have installed Google Keep application, in that case, you can sync Keep notes.

To use this feature firstly go to the Settings > Accounts > Google, and there you can see all types of data which you can sync to the cloud, and for this, toggle the options to enable or disable them. There if you will see a toggle is missing, don’t panic, just go to the Play Store and find it’s Goole app and install this. After doing this you will see the option.

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Do Automatic Backups Android

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