Repeat Automatically Your Favorite YouTube Videos

Many of you don’t know you can repeat your favorite YouTube video all day long, But YouTube does ‘t allow to do this there own site. For this you have to use some third-party site, that can do this for you. So here we telling you how to do that in simple steps.

How To:-

First, you have to select in your mind which video you have played all day long. Then play the video in any web browser, After played back you have to do some edit on video URL. After editing done your YouTube Video ready to play all day long.

Editing Steps For Repeat video play

  1. Delete everything before coming to YouTube. Example: Original URL –  Edited URL-
  2. Now type repeat after YouTube. Example:
  3. Now hit enter it will bring you a new site, this site will play your video all day long.

Tips: Some video will not play on this site because of site restriction but most of the videos get played. This site has a counter that let you know how many times your video played back.


Repeat youtube videos automatically – Youtube On Repeat

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