How To Backup Contacts Android To PC

Backup Contacts Android To Pc
There are two simple, easy, and quick methods ready for you to help you transfer/backup your contacts from Android to PC. The procedures are totally free, and if you are searching for a helpful method to transfer/backup your contacts from Android to PC, then we told you that,  here I show two procedures of how to backup your contacts android to pc. We assured you that these processes are very quick and able to do your job efficiently. Now without westing times, let’s follow the procedures and choose the suitable procedure between 1 and 2, for your device…

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Easy Steps Of How To Backup Contacts Android To Pc

How To Backup Contacts Android To PC



By using Google contacts you can transfer your contacts from Android to PC. For this, first you need to move all your contacts to Google Contacts and from there, you can download the contacts to your PC.

How to Import All Your Phone Contacts to Google Account?

  1. Firstly, open the Contacts app on your phone and at the top-right corner tap on the main menu button, and then select the Import /Export option.
  2. After that, select the location where all your contacts are saved and click on the ‘Next‘ option.
  3. Then, must select your Google account and click again on the ‘Next‘ button.

When the above steps are done by you, then you will see it copy all your contacts to your Google account. If you have contacts saved in both phone and SIM memory, then, in that case, you can also repeat the procedure.

Download Contacts from Google Contacts: Open the Google Contacts web interface on your PC. There, you will see all your contacts are listed, and next, you have to click on the ‘More‘ button at the top and then select the ‘Export‘ option.

[Must Note:  The ‘Export‘ feature is not included in the new Google Contacts preview version, so if are a new version user and face the problem of getting ‘Export‘ feature, then you can also access the older version of Google Contacts. Yes, it is possible, to get it just click on the ‘go to the old version button‘ at the bottom-left corner.

There, you will see two sections, in one section select the Groups and my Contacts, and in other section select the download file format.

The CSV format for Google and Outlook and the vCard format are included in the options. Just choose your choice and  to download the contacts on your PC, click on Export.]

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How To Backup Contacts Through VCF or .txt format

There is also the other option for those people who don’t want to move their personal contacts to Google accounts. Without using Google Contacts you can transfer/backup contacts from Android to PC.

The alternative way is, VCF or .txt format, in this method you can convert your contacts to a movable format, for example, vCard or .txt format and then you can move it to your PC, very easily.

The Contacts VCF is a helpful app for this purpose, just install it and launch the app, this will automatically save all your contacts in vCard format, in your phone’s internal storage.

How You Convert Contacts to a Simple Format (like, .txt or .html format)?

  1. You can select the .vcf file in the app and at the top-right corner, tap on the main menu.
  2. There, to save it in the respective format you can select ‘Save as .txt‘ or you can select ‘Save as web page‘, from the menu.

Connect your phone to the PC by using a data cable, copy/paste the file, and easily move the file to your PC. As the other option, you can also send it to yourself through email and next download it on tour PC.

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