Is Your Phone Needs A Battery Saver App ?

Battery Saver App

You can see “Battery Saver Apps Download” Ads almost everywhere on the internet. Is your phone really needs this battery saver apps for saving battery? To get the answer you have to understand how a power saver app work and to understand read the full article carefully. Battery Saver App

What Is Battery Saver App?

A battery saver app does not physically increase your phone’s battery capacity. It’s trying to save the power usage from your phone, with some clever software analysis. Some advance battery saver apps can watch your phone usage and make the app’s settings according to your usage. Mostly battery saving apps do adjust some phone settings automatically for you to save battery. like, Adjust Screen Backlight Brightness, Adjust Sound  & Vibration, Clean Background Process, and Enable/Disable Services.

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Backlight Brightness

If you see battery usage graphs of your phone you will see a huge percentage of battery eaten by Screen. If you optimize screen brightness you can save a big amount of battery from your phone. The power saver app does the optimization and reminds you to adjust brightness for you. It analyzes outside light with the help of the light sensor on your phone. And adjusts screen brightness according to ambient light to give you best viewing experience with better battery life.

If your phone has no light sensor then the app calculates daytime and nighttime and increase screen light on the daytime and decrease the light on the night time.

Sound & Vibration

Sound and vibration are used for notification alert but unwanted sounds and vibrations can eat an extra bit of your battery. If you optimize it you can save those extra bit of battery power from your phone and it will give you some extra bit of time. There are many options available for sound and vibration control Ring, Media, Screen Lock, Notification, Alarm and many more. Your power saver App will be managed then for better battery service.

Background Process

All Android smartphone stored recent apps running in the background process so you can easily access them later. But this process drain battery more, if you stop this process you can save up to 30% battery life. To do this, power saver apps comes with ram cleaner option.

Unwanted Services

Services like Data, WiFi, Hotspot, Bluetooth, Location are very useful but also very power consuming. Mostly we enable this services when we need it but forget to turn off after the work is done. The battery saver app does this for you, the app will remind you to turn off the service or manage it automatically.

Do You Need To Install Battery Saver App?

For my thinking, if you can do those above process manually then you don’t need to install a battery saver app. The app itself running in the background and consume some percentage of battery. But if you do this on your own then you can get the maximum percentage of your phone’s battery. And also now smartphone makers give you there own optimize power saver apps preloaded with the phone, so you do not need an external battery saver app for your phone you just turn on the saver and relax.

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