6 Best Extensions For Windows File Explorer

Here are the extensions for Windows 10 File Explorer. To know about them and their advantages and disadvantages you just follow below.

Know About Best Six Extensions For Windows 10 File Explorer

The Air Explorer can be integrated into the File Explorer instantly thus you can navigate your local, and cloud files. This extension let you access, view, transfer, and sync files between your computer and cloud storage, there is no doubt about it, but the interesting part is a featureful extension, that provides scheduler to organize backups, synchronization, and file transfers.Air Explorer

The drag-and-drop facilities are helpful for its users at the time of working with files and folders between the computer and cloud.

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Its name ends with Converter, I think you have already got an idea about this extension. Yes, this extension able to convert audio and video files, documents, and images into any kind of the desired format.

File Converter Extrention Furthermore, the File Converter lets you compress one or more files in the File Explorer, by using the context menu.


The ‘FileFrog’ can organize and manipulate your files and folders, and you can extract, copy, move, delete, and rename your files through this extension. You can also get options for manipulating images (by creating albums or putting a logo on the top of the images) from the FileFrog.

Before knowing about the extension, you first need to know what is Metadata? Well, ‘Metadata’ is also a data or set of data reveals information about other data, for example, in a webpage content keywords, and description are known as meta tags.File Meta Windows Extrention

If these all are known to you then good, but this is for them who did not know these, because Metadata is connected with this extension. The File Meta add or edit the metadata of files. With File Meta you can easily add, edit, and remove metadata.  Besides, it allows you to add comments and tags to your files, and organize them for easy access.

Through the QTTabBar extension you can create tabs in the File Explorer or use tab in the File Explorer. With the capability of customizing them, it helps you to create tabs and extra folder views.QuizoApps

This also allows you to use its drag-and-drop mechanism, change the appearance of the tabs, assign them various icons, and more. Here, you can navigate through the files and folders in a tabular interface (such as Google Chrome).

This is a well-known app for the File Explorer which copy files very securely and very quickly also. It presents lots of features, for example, file copying, file editing, exporting reports, locked files, etc.

TeracopyThe TeraCopy generally, skips the files having an error at the time of a data transfer whilst displaying a report at the same time.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Are Described Below Of All These Above-Mentioned Extensions

  • Advantages Of Air Explorer

A. Supports sharing files from the desktop directly.

B.  Able to collaborating on.

C. Carry major cloud providers such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

D. Keep up scripting to automate and manage file management.

  • Disadvantages Of Air Explorer

A. In the free version, there are some restrictions on advanced features, for example, password protection, automation options, data encryption.

  • Advantages Of File Converter

A. The supported formats include MKV, MP4, JPG, PDF, DOCX, MP3, etc.

B. In total, this has 70+ input and output formats.

C. For conversion presets, they provide configuring the context menus.

  • Disadvantages Of File Converter

A. If you required to convert Office documents, this needs Microsoft Office.

  • Advantages Of  FilerFrog

A. Directly from the File Explorer, it allows encrypting and decrypting files.

B. It has the feature to sort your desktop icons into icon groups.

C. Can join and split files and manipulate images.

  • Disadvantages Of  FilerFrog

A. Not supports interface apart from the Settings which allow customization.

  • Advantages Of File Meta

A. Able to manage customs profiles.

B. Supports enabling and disabling metadata properties for different files.

C. Capable of importing and exporting metadata from the context menu.

  • Disadvantages Of File Meta

A. If you copy files to different drives, file metadata does not get copied.

  • Advantages Of  QTTabBar

A. Able to scripting for adding new features or extending it.

B. The drag and drop mechanism is easy.

C. It provides customization options, like as, skins, plugins, etc.

  • Disadvantages Of  QTTabBar

A. One and only integrated with an old browser (Internet Explorer).

  • Advantages Of TeraCopy

A. To provide quick-selecting target locations, it saves recently used directories.

B. Fast and secure copying feature.

  • Disadvantages Of TeraCopy

A. In an incomprehensible interface, it includes a long list of features.


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