List 10 Best Free PDF Apps For Smartphone

A PDF file is one kind of record of documents, you may know about a PDF file but not about the list of free apps. It used in many segments regularly like office work, business, etc.  Anyone can get a PDF file in their tablet and smartphones. Most of the time a PDF app is easy to use and show your important files very quickly.

List 10 Best Free PDF Apps For Smartphone

A PDF app’s main job is showing your important files on your devices at any time anywhere, but now-days a person can do many PDF’s works through a PDF app.

Now it’s time to know about some good free PDF apps for your smartphones and tablets, so follow below to know about the top ten free PDF apps.

Best Free PDF Apps Are Down Below

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader (Android, Windows Phone, and iOS platforms)

In the Acrobat reader app, you can do various types of works. The list includes print PDFs, view PDFs, annotate and allocate you to take pictures via your phone‘s camera and save them to a PDF, directly. The app is able to connect Dropbox and Adobe Document Cloud.

The additional features of the app are, singing, editing, and converting PDFs to Excel, RTF, PowerPoint, or as Word. Its users also can view encrypted and password-protected PDF files. Paid subscribers can also get the other feature that is conversation feature.

2. Librera Reader (Android platform)

The app covered with lots of features. When you can see the app it will look like as an e-book reader because that carry digital book formats. The EPUB, HTML, XPS, RTF, and DjVu files are can be supported by the app.

Librera Reader (Android platform)

If you will use the app you can see its day/night modes, automated scrolling feature, and for the easy book-keeping, you can manage bookmarks and annotations to make notes and create your favorites. This app’s main interesting thing is, it gets the voice reading capacity.

3. Google Play Books (for Android and iOS platforms)

The Google Play Books allows its users to read and access their EPUB files and PDF files. The app is Google’s version of Amazon Kindle, that service has made for reading books and subscribing. Its app supports VoiceOver feature in iOS.

Google Play Books (for Android and iOS platforms)

The app is good for viewing PDFs (which previously stored on your device), and reading books online, but it is not good for PDF features, the PDF features are very limited here. It supports a feature where you can change the font, enable night-reading mode, and personalize the display.

4. WPS (Android, Linux, and iOS platforms)

The ‘WPS‘ app has some similarities as the Adobe Acrobat Reader app, in both app users can take pictures from their mobile’s camera and can save them into a PDF very easily. The app lets you create PDFs using Word, PowerPoint, text files, and Excel, and offers you view annotations, and add bookmarks.

WPS (Android, Linux, and iOS platforms)

The app is an all -in -one office app that supports a PDF Reader, Converter, and Editor. By using Dropbox, Box, Evernote, OneDrive, and Google Drive you can sync your files. The fantastic thing about the app is, you can add electronic signatures, split, extract PDFs, and merge.

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5. OfficeSuite (Android and iOS platforms)

This app also gets a few superior features. The OfficeSuite scans physical documents and save the scanned photos to PDFs. Through the cloud services such as Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive, SugarSync, and OneDrive you can share the files, and in another side it also offers Permission management, annotation viewer, and sharing via Bluetooth.

OfficeSuite (Android and iOS platforms)

Though the app’s PDF reader offers you to view PDFs and allow you to convert them as Excel, ePub files, or Word, also know that its many outstanding features (like data sync across multiple devices, advanced security option, and etc) are included in its Pro Version.

6. PDF Viewer ( for iOS and Android platforms)

The app comes with an easy-to-use interface. This app lets you sync iCloude documents on iOS devices. You can read and manage PDF files by the PDF Viewer app. Your files searched very fast in the PDF Viewer and you can edit them also.

PDF Viewer ( for iOS and Android platforms)

The mobile optimizations features and multi-window deliver you a fantastic experience. You can easily add bookmarks to the PDF files and split, resize or rotate a page.

7. Polaris Office (for Android, macOS, Windows Phone, and iOS platforms)

It is also a multi-documents carrying app. An option of the app named robust search lets you find out your PDFs through a filename. Its Polaris Drive program helps users to share their files and supports the cloud service.

Polaris Office (for Android, macOS, Windows Phone, and iOS platforms)

The Polaris office is able to add annotations to files and can convert files to PDFs. It supports cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and etc.

8. Google PDF Viewer (for Android platform)

The Google PDF Viewer app is capable of print, search, view, and copy text from your PDF file. The Google Drive app also offers the PDF features, but if you don’t get the Google Drive app or did not want to install the Google Drive app then the Google PDF Viewer is another good option.

Google PDF Viewer (for Android platform)

The app is an efficient PDF viewing app. At any time when you will try to open a PDF file on your mobile, the PDF Viewer will open up automatically. You cannot launch or enter into the PDF Viewer directly from the launcher.

9. Xodo (for Android, Windows Phone and iOS platforms)

The Xodo app delivers many features it is not only a PDF reader but it is a PDF editor also, and more features it has such share PDF, letting you read, annotate in real-time, sing documents, and fill forms.

Xodo (for Android, Windows Phone and iOS platforms)

Its annotation feature helps you to underline, jot down points, and make highlight text on PDFs. The app can open password-encrypted PDFs. The Xodo supports auto-syncing with cloud apps such as DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. It’s Xodo Connect feature lets you and your team members annotate a copy of the document in real-time by only using their email addresses, this does not require sign-ups.

10. Foxit MobilePDF (for Android, Windows Phone and iOS platforms)

This is cloud technology for PDFs. The Foxit MobilePDF also support search options and bookmark beside its other features for example share files among colleagues, get notifications for document update, track document activity, do connected reviews and many more.

Foxit MobilePDF (for Android, Windows Phone and iOS platforms)

If you want you can manually convert PDFs on your handset with Microsoft Office files, image file, and text. The app allows you to share files through Evernote, Bluetooth, and other programs. It supports the combination of Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox Box.

More Apps

A. PDF Viewer & Book Reader (Android platform)

In PDF Viewer & Book Reader app anyone can do a few numbers of many wonderful things, its features list not so small that allow you to do these things,

1. Its in-app file browser lets you browse and access the documents.

2. Supports page view options and day and night reading modes.

3. Helps you to shear files by the Slack and Skype app.

4. Lets you sync documents through cloud services such as Amazon Drive, Google Drive, and DropBox.

5. The app can download, manage and read PDF and eBook files on your handset.

6. Users can search for files via this app.

7. It allows its users to edit files and add bookmarks by continuing the last portion where they were stopped.

B. Tucan Reader (Windows Phone)

This Windows Phone-based app supports a large number of features, these are stated below,

1.  It allows you to select a text and share it to social networks. You can translate text by using the Bing Translator.

2. Supports auto-scrolling, day-night mode, brightness control, and other page control options.

3. The app can download books from cloud services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, and others.

4. It is an easy-to-use e-book and PDF reader app.

5. The Tucan Reader can add bookmarks, sort and group books, pin book covers, search books, prevent lock screen and more.

C. PDF Reader (Android, macOS, Windows Phone, and iOS platforms)

The PDF Reader app’s features are mentioned below,

1. This helps you to open and manage PDF files on your mobile.

2.  The app can add and export bookmarks.

3. It can create PDFs by using an image.

4. Offers annotation tools like as note-taking, writing tools, and highlighting.

5. Users can sign documents and manage through the app.

6. You can open squeezed files to read archived PDFs.

7. It has a built-in file search option which will search files as per your order.

D. PDF Reader & PDF Viewer Ebook (Android platform)

The features of PDF Reader & PDF Viewer Ebook are following,

1. Users can crest bookmarks, search for files, and add highlights.

2. The app works smoothly and very fast. The interface is also easy-to-use.

3. Supports many e-book formats like as DjVu, Comic books, and XPS.

4. You can open PDFs very fast in the ‘PDF Reader & PDF Viewer Ebook’ app.

E. Scanbot (iOS and Android platforms)

Though the ‘Scanbot’ app used as a PDF app, we told you that, generally it is a document scanning app. You can use the app for both purposes, PDFs program or for scanning documents. Below we have said its features,

1.  It scans documents and supports crop, apply filters, and straighten. After these, you can save them as a PDF.

2. You can share and upload documents through cloud services such as Slack, DropBox, and other similar apps.

3. It lets you save your important document as an image.

4. Supports digital signature.

5. Scanbot offers a PDF editor and a viewer. Thus, you can view PDFs, highlight text, and add notes to PDF files as well.

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Here is the end of the free PDF apps list, If you know more useful PDF apps please let us know in the comment section, to stay with us do SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE sharing reflects caring.

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