4 Best Messaging Apps That Run Offline

Messaging without any Internet connection! Is it possible? Yes, it is possible. There are so many messaging apps available now which can run offline or you can say without any Internet. Really, it is true, if you don’t know that, its time to get full information about this matter.  Some messaging apps allow users to communicate with each other without any kind of Internet connection, and there is no doubt that this can be very helpful for mostly those area’s peoples, generally where Internet connection can not arrive properly (such as some villages), and these messaging apps are can be also helpful for you, if by anyhow your phone’s Internet connection does not work correctly, at least you can send messages to anyone you want. You can not ignore that these offline messaging apps are good if you will use them in the future at least for one time.

The List Of The 2020’s Best Offline Messaging Apps


(Install on Android devices free)Briarproject offline messings apps

The Briar, an offline messaging app that works without any mobile data or WiFi connection, and it specially designed for activists, journalists, and other users how to want secure communications. When you will have a working internet connection, the Bariar doesn’t depend on a central server. Additionally, to protect users from surveillance it uses the Tor network for syncing.

To enable the flow of one user’s messages, the Barir can use both  Bluetooth and WiFi. The messaging app doesn’t allow the user to take screenshots, which revealed that this is a secure messaging app.


(Install on Android devices free)offline-messaging-apps

In this app, you can get private and group, both chatting features. The main interesting thing about this app is Near Peer’s users can draw messages. This app supports sending messages when the receiver is not in range and this will deliver the message automatically and very fast when they come in the range. On one thing there is a doubt, the developer doesn’t mention encryption of Near Peer.

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(Install on Android devices free)Single messanger

This app supports sending messages one to others between 100 meters, and it is a secure app. This lets you send the photo, text, video messages, and audio. Now in the market, the Single Offline Messanger is the best. This app uses WiFi-Direct networking, as an alternative of Bluetooth mesh networking (such as Bridgefy). If users want they can send messages in a group broadcast.


(Install on iOS devices free)Peer Chat message without internet

This app also uses the same mesh networking system powered by WiFi radios and Bluetooth to send your messages. It offers both group broadcast and peer-to-peer messaging. The Peer Chat is still not been updated for iPhone X (and the above models) and on the other hand, it is not enough popular to the peoples, and only usable for iOS users.  After knowing all these downsides you must know that it is also true that it’s users don’t need to take any tension about securities, because here all data transmission is encrypted and no data is logged (that means, your data is also safe from the hackers, along with company).

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