Know The Best Security Apps For Your Smartphone

Security is a big thing to think about. I think every smartphone or pc users agree with this line. For keeping devices secure from malware, antivirus, or theft, one always requires a secure method. That method can be security apps, the app which finds out all malware and clean them from your devices. To interreact you with that kind of apps I have presents this article. Know nine best security apps from below, hopefully, it would help you.

List Of The Best Security Apps

A. The Avast Antivirus

(support on iOS and Android platforms)Avast Free AV

As per the AV-TEST excel in the industry average by getting a 99.8% malware detection rate in Android. Its Last Know Location helps you to know if your device is dead or lost. The premium feature of it includes Camera Trap, this is a tool to capture audio and video of a thief or an intruder.

  1.  Its WiFi security feature scans public wireless networks, and emails for protecting trojan attacks or potential malware.
  2. Encrypts sensitive photos and videos with the password or fingerprint facilities.
  3.  Its a premium feature is, VPN support to access online anonymity by masking your web presence and switch your location to access streaming services.
  4. It helps you by providing comprehensive information about your app usage habits.
  1.  Sometimes users report for annoying notifications.
  2.  On a rooted device, Avast Antivirus’s firewall works only.
  3.  After installing the app few users faced battery drain.

B. Sophos Free Antivirus And Security

(supports on Android platforms)Sophos AV

the best protection award winner in 2015 from the AV-TEST can do much work to make safe your device. If it sees any illegal or spammy content it blocks that websites, apps are also scanned by it for malware or other harmful content, if somehow these kinds of apps installed this app alerts you and also any sensitive information leak it does the same job.

Through an authenticator, this app generates the one-time password for two-factor authentication. This scanner scheduled to scan files and folders timely.

  1. The 2FA duties authenticator.
  2. Provide powerful protection.
  3. To set up secure WiFi connections, this app provides a handy QR code scanner.
  4. Don’t show any ads.

C. The McAfee Security And Power Booster Free

(support on iOS and Android platforms)MaCfee best antivirus apps

is not only an antivirus scanner, but it also has some free features such as tracking lost device, lock and wipe it remotely. It is also capable of taking pictures of the thief if your device is stolen.

  1. By its App Privacy Check feature, it investigates and reports the apps which may herm or misuse your personal data.
  2. It helps protect your data on the unsecured hotspot through the WiFi Scanner.
  3. The Premium feature of McAfee Security helps protect your sensitive apps and data from guest users by its App Lock and Guest Mode.
  4. Boost phone’s memory, prohibit resource-hungry apps from hindering performance, and also reduce junk files.
  5. Another premium feature is its WiFi Guard and VPN facilities which help protect your data on unsecured hotspots.
  1. According to a few users, it has a bug regarding its paid subscription, if you buy the app it does not auto upgrade you to the paid subscription.
  2. Few users also report for heavy battery drain issues.

D. The ad-free security solution of your device, MalwareBytes Security

(support on iOS and Android platforms)malwarebytes top av

comes with a privacy audit feature to secure your privacy in its free version. Its premium subscription version is not low in features.

  1. Check apps suspicious activities and reports them to help protect your personal data.
  2. Its a premium feature is, presents a safer browsing experience via detecting phishing and to help avoid other malicious links it notifying you.
  3. It helps to detect and fighting most types of common malware such as adware and ransomware.
  1. If you compear MalwareBytes Security with others you may find out its feature is not up to mark, has lacks common features like an app lock, some tool, and call blocker.
  2. Come with the worst antimalware engine among some popular app with a malware detection rate of just 98.4% (according to AV-TEST).


(supports on Android platforms)AVG

the popular antivirus scanner’s advantages list is so long. In the Google Play Store, it gets an average score of over 4.5 and has over 6.5 million reviews. Its performance enhancements kill the unimportant process, detect junk files (mostly which found in temp and cache folders), and turn off battery-draining settings.

It can lock down the phone if anybody tries to change the SIM card if you thnk someone by anyhow get access to unlock it without authorization, then it wipes your phone and SD card content remotely. This also has some additional privacy settings, for example blocking callers, for anonymous surfing it has VPN, and additionally, its awareness is presented by a dashboard to watch which apps you use, which using the most data, and find out potential privacy issues.

Furthermore, if you think your phone has stolen you can use it as an alarm, it takes the selfie of the person who tries to unlock your phone and it is also able to record audio to make the theft’s effort let down.

  1. Features excellent anti-theft options.
  2. Supports Wi-Fi security scanner, photo vault, and app lock.
  3. It offers additional privacy settings.
  4. Get a variety of features.

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F. Avira Antivirus Security

(supports on Android platforms)Avira av

is a smart security solution for your smartphone. It is controlled by a web-based management portal that would be helpful for you if you want to set up a common policy over multiple Android devices. In the app, using privacy scale applications is rated thus it helps you to decide very quickly and easily how much they can be trusted with your data.  The premium version of the app offers automatic blocking of malicious websites, many easy updates, and better supports in some terms.

  1. Supports clear identity Safeguard feature which regularly checks the email addresses in your contacts list.
  2. Able to scan external storage.
  1. Not capable of blocking malicious websites.

G. Trend Micro Mobile Security And Antivirus Apps 

(supports on Android smartphones and tablets)Trend Micro AV

is a multitasking app. One hand it scans new apps for malware and also prevents newly installed apps from accessing other programs, and similarly, on the other hand, it provides services for parents, and device admins, very efficiently.

This block malware, provide safe surfing facilities and offers call and text filtering. This app is able to scan apps before the installation to pre-emptively keeps away from any potential infection.

  1. Has an integrated privacy scanner for Facebook.
  2. Provide security very well.
  3. Offers Local Web Guard, that protects you from fraud, dangerous websites, and phishing.
  4. It has free and paid both versions.

H. The Norton Mobile Security

(support on iOS and Android platforms)Nortonlifelock.

is powered by Norton Mobile Insight. This scans viruses inside files, apps, and remove them. It can lock your phone through an SMS message. Mostly 4 or 5 months ago, this free app was capable of detecting 100% of all Android malware.

  1. Supports remote locking of the phone.
  2. It locks your device after 10 unsuccessful attempts on entering the passcode.
  3. You can remotely lock your device if that lost.
  4. It features outstanding antivirus capabilities.
  1. Don’t present malicious site blocking.

I. Best Security Apps Kaspersky Antivirus

(support on iOS and Android platforms)Kaspersky Lap Best Security Apps

according to AV-TEST’s trials from November 2017, is good on picking up malware with a detection rate of 99.9%. Its a key feature support for Android Wear that makes easy security management. This app’s free version offers lots of outstanding features.

  1.   Its Find my Phone feature allows you to locate your lost or stolen device and also lock the device.
  2. To make your web browsing experience safe from malicious links and websites spreading malware, its Web filter helps you, though it is a Premium feature.
  3. Another premium feature of Kaspersky Antivirus is, its app lock allows you to lock your app along with photos, videos, and sensitive data through a passcode.
  1. It does not support some advanced features such as VPN, Camera Trap, etc.
  2. It needs manually initiate the scans but does not provide background virus scanning feature in its free tier.
  3.   According to some users reviews, App Lock is a little bit nutty, many times it locks a current app when it’s being quickly switched or rotated.


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