Best SEO Checker Tools You Will Need For Your Website

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, the most important part of making a website effective, fruitful, and famous to the audiences. This is a process which has various sides to cover, that’s the reason, SEO tools are really lots we see, but this is not too hard to cover them up all. If one gives some time for this purpose, this can provide positive results surely. The most general but best important SEO checker tools, which an SEO consultant wishes for, are just in front of your eyes. Here I have placed ten important helpful SEO tools names and their features for you, explore them all.

List Of Best SEO Checker Tools

A. SEMrush

I can say ‘SEMrush‘ is might be a must-have SEO tool. Through this tool you can do the finest research on SEO, by this, your work will be more seem more appreciative. Look at it’s four impressive features they are stated below.Semrush Toolkit

  1. SEMrush can help you by finding out your competing brand’s best keyword, best-performing backlinks, high traffic grossing content, and more.
  2. This tool allows you to find long-tail keywords throughout various databases for both local and international Google and Bing versions.
  3. It considers the competition, the Keyword Difficulty Tool ranks keywords on the basis of the expected difficulty in ranking for it.
  4. This is capable to help you by understanding good worthy things for your own brand through providing you a broad overview of the paid advertising and PPC efforts of competing brands.

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B. Slerpee

One of the most wisest tools for making your website comes in Google SERPs, is the Slerpee. Let’s check out the ability of the tool.Slerpee Website look

  1. You can do experimental changes to the title and to see how they look on SERPs, you can make experimental changes to meta description, also.
  2. The Sherpee provides you the freedom to check out how your websites look in Google SERPs.
  3. If you want you can make better meta descriptions via the Slerpee’s free value-adding tips for improvement.

C. LSI Graph

You can use the LSI Graph tool for SEO before that know it features, they are.lisigraph

  1. This tool provides a free LSI guide to users, for this, you have to only say your email IDs and names.
  2. By the LSI Graph tool, relating the primary keywords you can generate a long list of LSI keywords, that also very quickly.

D. Google Page Speed Insights

This tool is also an essential tool for SEO, that help you to your website load faster. Know this Google Page Speed Insights tool how can help you in this propose.Pagespeed Insights For All

  1. You can get help by this tool for leveraging browser caching, optimizing images, and more.
  2. You can see the result of your website on both devices, desktop, and mobile.
  3. To boost page loading speed, the Google Page Speed Insights, by finding out the technical improvements can help you to do.
  4. This tool is capable to eliminate the fold render-blocking JavaScript and CSS.

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E. XML-Sitemaps

The features of XML-Sitemaps are here in the below, explore themXML SItemaps

  1. The minor websites (less than 500 pages) are able to use this XML-Sitemaps tool, can get a sitemap, without registration.
  2. Some features you can see from it for use for example, along with the image, news sitemaps, video, and broken link checker.
  3. It allows you to provoke a sitemap, for any purpose you wish, like as, text sitemap for a list of webpages on the website, HTML sitemap for website’s navigation structure, or XML sitemap to submit to search engines for indexing.
  4. You can directly submit the sitemap to your server just by free registration. You can manage sitemaps for multiple websites, and edit without re-uploading to website.

F. SEOBook Robots.txt Generator

Mainly, to define any duplicate pages you want the crawler must ignore you would be required to make appropriate declarations in robots.txt. Know how SEOBook Robots.txt Generator can help you in this segment.SEOBook

  1. Here you can specify the default robot access level as ‘allow all robots’, or ‘disallow all robots’.
  2. This tool lets you promote the file without any errors. Thus, search engine bots can easily crawl and index your website.

G. Ahrefs

This is a good SEO tool, supports many features, one of them is, it is capable to provides 5 different graphs which help you to track SEO campaigns’ process. Want to know more about it just look at below.Ahrefs Tools

  1. The Ahrets allow you to add tags to keywords and filter them using tags.
  2. Here you can see the useful important keyword metrics such as keyword difficulty, search volume, traffic, keyword ranking besides Domain Authority (DA), and URL Rating (UR).
  3. You can see it’s all plans if you use it, all plans come with free trials.
  4. This is one of the most and best intuitive backlink analysis tools.
  5. Its Content Explorer lets users find out the most impressive content related to the keywords and topics.
  6. Ahrets’s keyword research tool allows users to know the status of global or country wise search volumes, difficulty level, related keywords, and position history.

H. Pitchbox

This is a perfect SEO tool for a beginner SEO consultant, supports many capabilities to help likePitchbox SIte Tool

  1. This tool’s client, management, and team reports allow you to make your outreach strategy to maximize returns.
  2. With its 15 days free trial you would feel enough to start your work from basic features.
  3. In the tool, you have to only specify your keywords and it for help to link building target, this will compile a list of the best websites around, related to the keywords.
  4. Pitchbox can connect you online with the most desired publishers, because of the tool integrated with Majestic, SEMRush, Moz, and LRT.
  5. Pichbox’s follow up email scheduling features are capable to help you without investing any more time into setting up advanced follow-up campaigns, driving more value from connections.

I. BeamUsUp

With the BeamUsUp the SEO Crawlers might be more easy and quick, check out its facilities.BeamUsUp Free SEO

  1. This tool help it’s users to remove duplicate pages from the crawl reports.
  2. I must say that the BeamUsUp’s free version support you for doing many, which you can not do with some other tool’s free version.
  3. The BeamUsUp offers options by which you can use smart filters, from the crawl result reports generated that can show the most common types of SEO errors.
  4. Through this tool, directly to Google Drive or MS Excel, you can export data, also even then if filters are applied.


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