Best Time Lapse Apps For Your Android & Apple Smartphone

Best Time Lapse Apps For Android
Our beautiful nature is always a loveable thing for them who loves and take care of our environment. Nature lovers know that every little thing which happens in our nature is not really little, they are very precious, because if our mother nature works correctly we breathe. Now you may think why we said this? Don’t worry we must give you the answer.

Actually, I’m a nature lover and always tries to keep our nature clean and beautiful. One thing is also done by me sometimes that is when I see any pleasing activities of nature like moving clouds, blooming flowers, flying birds or many more things, I usually capture them in my phone as a time-lapse video. I also know that there are so many people who like to do this same thing, and this post is for them.

In this post, we displayed you that how you can take an interesting time-lapse video without a camera. Yes, it is possible, a smart handset is enough for it. Through your Android or iOS devices, you can easily take time-lapse video. There are some helpful apps available in the market to shoot time-lapse video, and you would see some best apps for iOS and Android when you will follow below. Here we had uncovered the top five time-lapse apps for your smart handset (three for Android and two for iOS), just take a quick look at them:

5 Best Time Lapse Apps For Android & Apple



The app is made for Android devices, that offers two modes Video Lapse and Photo Lapse, and in these two sections, it does best works for you. It is a new time-lapse app, that available on Google Play Store. Now, let’s see how it works at the time of taking a Photo Lapse and Video Lapse…..


Taking video lapse and photo lapse is totally free in this app. It has long video lapse limit, the maximum limit is 24-hours limit. If you want you can use flash, and add audio to your time-lapse videos.

The app is a combination of many features and good controls. It can records video continuously at a slower frame rate when you will stabilize it, and this is best for showing your findings in a high-speed time-lapse video and walking around different places. To create a tracking time lapse shot, the camera required to move continuously.


The Time Lapse Camera app has no limit on maximum video duration for the Photo lapse, generally, it takes a photo after a defined interval and it stitches them together for creating a video. For slow changing scenes (like the sunset, or blooming flower) it works better.


1.  It needs basic knowledge of frame rate management.

  1. Here you won’t be allowed to import your own videos.
  1. Maintain unlimited time-lapse video recording.

  2. It has control over frame rate and you can add audio to your videos.

  3. Supports both photo and video time lapse.


  • HyperLapse BY INSTAGRAM (Apple iOS)

The main interesting thing about the app is its stabilization capacity. This can record day long time-lapse videos. It is the best hyper-lapse video recording app for iOS devices. It is able to speed up your time-lapse videos up to 12x times. This will give you full control on frame rate, and without using extra storage place, you can increase or decrease frame rate to get the perfect video. What will your present situation when are you taking a  hyper-lapse video? We say it is no matter,  if you running, you can take videos, and if you are biking you can take videos and, this is the main helpful thing about Hyperlapse which, presented by Instagram.


1.  You can not add effects or filters.

  1. In this app, you are not able to import videos.

1.  It has 24-hour recording capacity and support speed up to 12x.

  1. It has control over frame rate and it can also stabilize the irregular videos.



From your phone storage or Google Photos, you can import existing videos and record a new time-lapse video by this Microsoft HyperLapse Mobile. It is a very easy app. A lot of work it doses automatically. The stabilization capacity is also good in the app, you can use the app as a camera stabilizer, and can keep the original speed at 1x.

It has issues on some output options. In view of the fact of the app is a hyper-lapse app,  the app is only good for short videos, it has 20 minimum limitations on maximum video length. The size of the videos, which made by the app is usually big because the frame rates are managed by the app.

You can install the Microsoft HyperLapse Mobile app in Android devices. It offers you to speed up the capacity of videos (when taking) up to 32x times (original speed) and at 720p or 1080p resolution you can save a video. The app has a watermark at the end of each video, and there is no built-in way to eliminate the watermark.


1.  You can not control frame rate and can not add effects to videos.

  1. At the end of the videos, it adds watermark.

  2. It has a limit on video duration.


1.  Support both importing and recording and save a video in 720p or 1080p.

  1. Very simple to use.

  2. Video speed up to 32x times and transport to SD card.



Come to Time Lapse Camera and Video, it is an Android time-lapse app that offers full control on both the recording frame rate and the playback frame rate. In this app, you can slow down the playback frame rate after taking a video (if you think recording frame rate is too fast for the video).

The app carries ads and the problem is there is no in-app purchase to remove the ads, but the best part is the app allows scheduling of recording and making it perfect for time-sensitive scenarios (like night lights). It supports many worthy features and it is a highly customizable app, and without any limitations on maximum video length, it maintains video and image both time lapse.


1.  Videos are not saved in the SD card directly.

  1. This app is a little bit complicated to use and for beginners, it is really tough to do the best work.

1.  It has no limitation on video length and it shows low storage notification.

  1. Support both image and time lapse, schedule recording, and customizable resolution.

  2. It controls the playback frame rate.


  • iMotion (for iOS)

The iMothion is another wonderful time-lapse video recording app for iOS, which records videos in 720p and 1080p resolution and allow maximum 10fps frame rate.

Some extraordinary features are included in the app, but a few features of them are available by paying $3.99.  The features list revealed,

(I) It works with Apple watch and gives permission to control and preview a video on the watch.

(II) Here are no limitations on video length, it makes both time-lapse and hyper-lapse videos superb.

(III) You can add different effects to your videos, such as use filters and adjust the white balance.

(IV) After recording, the app is capable of auto-saves the videos.

(V) You can start recording by remote, using a companion app, or also by voice start.

(VI) The app entitles you to play the time lapse videos in reverse.


1.  Many helpful features of the app are only available in the paid version.


1.   This has no limit on video length.

  1. Support reverse playback.

  2. Offers control on resolution and adjust both frame rate and playback rate.

  3. You can add effects to your videos, and it autosave videos.

5.    It supports Apple Watch.


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1. TimeLapse (DOWNLOAD IT ON- iOS): It captures time-lapse photos in RAW format and shoots time-lapse videos at 4k resolution.

2. PicPac Stop Motion & TimeLapse (DOWNLOAD IT ON- ANDROID): This is a combination of time-lapse and hyper-lapse with sound activation support.

3. Lapse It (DOWNLOAD IT ON- ANDROID AND iOS): Through this app, you can create a time lapse from both uploaded videos and new videos. It is able to capture photos with a full sensor.

4. Time Lapse by Sukros (DOWNLOAD IT ON- ANDROID): On a 4k supporting device, this can create time lapse at 4k resolution.

5. Timelapse by Trila.Droid: Make time-lapse and hyper-lapse at 3 custom speeds.

6. EasyLapse: This app is appropriate for recording time-lapse videos and creating a time lapse from existing videos.

7. iTimeLapse Pro (DOWNLOAD IT ON- iOS): It is a paid time-lapse app which has tools for editing your time-lapse video.

8. OSnap! (DOWNLOAD IT ON- iOS): This smart time-lapse app supports custom settings for daily portraits and hyper-lapse.

9. Framelapse (DOWNLOAD IT ON- ANDROID): This is a complete time-lapse app, has a built-in time-lapse calculator.

it’s all working fine but if you have any other Time Lapse apps for phone Let us know in the comment section we are always ready for the update. To stay with us SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE, sharing reflects caring.


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