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There are so many apps available in the market to help you create mobile apps and sell them. To acquire these features you don’t need to gather any experience in app development. Commonly, at the time of making mobile apps,  you don’t require to pay money because in recent time to do your creativity you can get a lot of free apps very easily. If you want free services to create and sell your mobile apps, only just note the following points which we have stated below, there you will get five free services.

Five Free Services For Built And Sell Mobile Apps

Andromo Buld App And Sell


For all platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows phone, you can easily make apps through the Mobincube app. The Mobincube offers Google Analytics, Google Maps, and push notifications, you can set them in your app and that would be very interesting and helpful also for its future users. Mobincube lets you build unlimited apps for free, you can activate its built-in monetization feature, and it ‘s other helpful features are, audio/ video streaming, databases, supports for a mobile store, and web embeds.

When you publish your created app manually to stores, then Mobincube lets you test your app right in your browser.

The bad sides of the app are, this app is limited in some functionalities on the free plan for example, option to remove ads, optimization features, a number of push notifications, cloud, and analytics, and on other hands, its interface is not in demand, you can say boring interface.



Through Dropsource not only you can create and design an app but it also lets you do many things, like developing, review, other design tools, publish your apps, and testing your apps. It supports drag-and-drop user interface editor to helps you built (with original customized logic and elements) and prototype your apps. Using REST APIs, you can integrate data into your app.

Some things you may not like in Drop source, for example, it creates only an app for a single platform per project. If you want to create apps for both iOS and Android then you need to create two apps. The other thing is, in its free plan you cannot publish apps or download source code, but if you are able to create an app during its one-month trial period, then you can download it very easily.

In Dropsouce app,  when your project will be done by you then you can build and test your app and also can share it in Dropsouce’s browser-based emulator. After that when your app is totally ready, you can publish it directly to the Google Play Store or App Store, or download code to publish it.


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The Thunkable get a wonderful interface, it is the other cloud solution to build native mobile apps for iOS and Android. It is a helpful app for if you want to create and monetize pretty looking apps. Not a lot of features you will get here, but it offers video tutorials (for getting started with its platform), documentation and it also supports Admob, IoT, various databases, Google Maps, and image and speech recognization. In this app, if you want to make apps for iOS and Android then, you required to do hard work on these two programs. After doing your creating you can take the live test of your apps on your emulator or mobile device, and next you can download and publish your apps.



The extra special unique feature of the Andromo app is, its apps are multilingual (with support for 20+ languages) by default. It creates apps for the Android platform and after making apps you can publish them on Amazon Store, Google Play Store, and on other app stores and if you are a premium plan user of Andromo then you can legalize your apps.

Andromo entitles you to creates only one app in its free plan and there are also some limitations for example, you are not able to select its monetization feature, and can not disable ads, also.

The Andromo provide you to add contact info, photo gallery, and about page. It supports built-in feature and you can use templates to your apps, features includes integrating Facebook, YouTube, PDF, RSS, Flickr, Twitter, an audio player, and lets you adding content from a website, podcast player, and radio.


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AppsGeyser is capable to make apps for Android, it does not create apps for iOS or other devices. It is the oldest mobile app maker among other above-mentioned apps, and it does not require coding knowledge at the time of making an app. If you want to gather web content into apps, then this app will be a good option for you. In AppsGyser you get many features including web content in your apps, send the pop-up notification, social sharing, analytics features, geolocation features, and HTML5 features.

Almost 70+ app templates are included in this app to help you start building your app easily, and one important thing you need to know that is, this app can create a mobile app for your website very quickly.

The total process of making an app will be done on your browser, and if you want to take a test or a view of your app in the browser then it will also possible, and after these, you can monetize your created app by showing ads or selling the app and for this on the Google Play Store you can  allocate your app.


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