10 Awesome Business Apps For iPad

Business Apps iPad
An iPad is the ideal device for making your business presentation, financial analysis, and more business work. Any times of a day when you use your iPad, you can do your important business works very easily, like making presentations, notes, view business reports, view and create media files (photos, videos, charts, and graphs) and more essential works.

You don’t need any laptop to do or view business works, an iPad is sufficient for this. The good thing is, carry an iPad is simple and trouble-free, so where you can do your important work placed your iPad there and use it.

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An iPad presents a lot of apps to help you to do your business works. Here we told you 10 best iPad apps for business and presentation, believe us, these are really very easy to use and may be very helpful for you. Just follow below to know about them.

List Of Awesome iPad Apps For Business And Presentation

Busyness apps for ipad

1. Microsoft OneNote

The Microsoft OneNote app allows you to create audio or video notes, sketches, to-do lists and it helps you to collect ideas. If you want you can also convert them as reminders. This app support organization option to manage your notes, there you can create handwritten notes through a variety of pens. Your all notes are synced to the cloud thus you get them all time in your device. This app offers the sharing option,  you can share your notes with your team members, friends or anyone.


2. Microsoft PowerPoint

Here you can create and view business reports and business presentations, probably it is one of the best presentation tools. It syncs your presentations with Microsoft OneDrive. This app can integrate your media and other objects into your presentations like videos, photos, charts, and graphs. For making collaboration and excellent presentations, many customization options are presented by Microsoft PowerPoint. The app features a program called, OneNote, where you can share your presentations with others. It’s the “1-click sharing” feature permits you to invite others to view, edit, or comment on your slides.


3. 1Password

This app is made for storing your sensitive business information safe, that includes your passwords, financial details, and others. It supports cloud sync and end-to-end encryption features. Through this app, you can create multiple vaults,  add tags, set favorite, and store items in numerous categories. You can add custom fields to your items to store extra information, for example, two-step verification’s safety code for an account. The most important thing is, it helps you to create strong yet easy-to-remember pass-phrases for your online accounts.


4. Keynote

The Keynote app allows you to create business presentations, illustrations, and diagrams. So many customization options are included in this app such as themes, fonts, layout, and etc. Your presentations are stored on the iCloude. It presents the numerous sharing feature where you can share your presentations with specific people or publicly. Here you can import, export, and work on files of Microsoft PowerPoint. The most interesting thing of the app is, you can present a slideshow online, and people can view it from their devices or directly from the web at iCloude.


5. Workflow

It is a personal automation tool which helps you to do some works like minimizing errors, increase efficiency, automate and streamline processes. The app offers you 200+ actions,  you can get important apps there, for example, Photos, contacts, AirDrop, iCloud Drive, social networks (Twitter and Facebook), fitness app (Health), online services (Dropbox and Evernote) and more. The Workflow app authorizes you to create time-saving venture on your iPad, one button clickable actions, automate processes with tasks and turn them into simple.


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6. Skitch

This app is an annotator app (annotator is an open-source JavaScript library to easily add annotation functionality to any webpage). It allows you to make snap pictures, use markups, use annotations, and helps you to share the sight.   It delivers a quick and intuitive interface. You can share the final snaps via social networks and email. This ‘Skitch’ app is also able to annotate PDFs, thus you can make your reviews clear and avoid the confusing emails and lengthy very easily.


7. SignNow

By this app, you can get signatures or sing on contracts or agreements through your iPad, and for this, you don’t require printing or scanning the documents. Though it is an e-signature app, it supports MS Word, PDF, and many more formats. You can share your documents and templates with your team members. The app has a lot of ability, it can open documents from the phone or online storage service like Dropbox, and it also works in offline mode and support some document organization feature. You can save and access your signed documents at your cloud account, and if you want you can email the signed documents.


8. MindNode

It is a mind mapping app, this allows you to capture your thoughts, here you can create mind maps and you can show your maps with your team members. This app lets you explore the connections between your team, you can connect, detach, and reconnect members. It’s the “Smart Layout” feature auto-adjusts your map’s layout to make it pretty. The app includes themes and layouts and it is also able to share your maps with ‘myMindNode’ service. The MindNode offers many input types such as text, images, notes, links and more.


9. SAP Roambi Analytics

To create interesting reports, charts, dashboards with integrated data analytics and visualizations, you can use this ‘SAP Roambi Analytics’ app. It supports offline access and when you have the data it gives you full control. The app has some input sources also, for example, Google Sheets, BI System, many database systems, Microsoft Excel, and CSV files. The SAP Roambi Analytics app lets you examine, filter, and axis the data very quickly.  In this app, you can pull data from many sources and by using them you can create and analyze visualizations.


10. FullContact

This app can do multiple types of work like, it allows you to manage business contacts in an easy way, it is capable to scan business cards and capture email signatures, and you can add shared contacts and collaborate with your team by using notes and tags. The FullContact’s an excellent feature is, it supports extensive sync, so besides its own cloud service,  your contacts also get synced into its other platforms, the platforms list includes Ofice365, Twitter, Gmail, and many other accounts.




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