How You Use Call Recording Apps On Android Pie And Q

Call recording is an important feature of an Android device, basically, this is most helpful for business purposes and other segments. There are so many people uses Android Pie or Q updated Android device, who not get the call recording feature for the record a call. Do you use Android Pie or Q updated Android devices and not find out any proper way of record important calls?

If yes, then you must see this article up to its ending, because here is the solution. Not only that, but you will also know some informative information from the below paragraphs, which will also help you in call recording if you are not an Android Pie or Q user.

So, Let’s Start Acquiring Knowledge On Call Recording With Android Pie And Q From Belowcall recording


This analysis is for informing you which phones have built-in call recording features, which not, and how you use these features, let’s start. Samsung gets a native call recording option, but it is also true that they remove this feature from some countries for legal regulations. To check this feature is available in your region or not, you just open the Dialer app > tap on the three-dot menu> Settings > Call Recorder. Then, there enable the option Auto record call. If the dedicated settings not showing up in your region then you will need to use the below-mentioned apps for call recording.

Realme and Xiaomi supports a built-in call recording options in India and some more regions, though this feature is turned off by default. If your Xiaomi phones running MIUI 10, MIUI 11, and older versions, then open the default phone app > tap on the hamburger menu > Settings > Call recording > Enable both the toggles.Auto Call Rec

Similarly, for Realme devices, open Settings > System apps > Call > Call recording > Enable the toggle for Record all calls. After doing these you will see the Record button in the dialer app.

The OnePlus also has a native call recorder which lets you records call from the dialer app without any setup, and on Android 9 and 10, it works efficiently.

The Xiaomi ship Stock dialer on MIUI in the EU region, thus some particular region’s users can use this call recording feature smoothly.  In addition, according to some information, recently the Google hinted for bring call recording function on their stock dialer app. That means, in this future, all smartphones with Stock Android will have the built-in call recording capability when the feature rolls out by Google.


Call Recorder – ACR

(download ACR 32.9-unChained APK from APKMirror, free)Call Recorder ACR

Various company’s devices users can use this app welly to record calls. Its user has to download the unchained version of this app from APKMirror because the play store version of this app can not record calls until your device running Android Oreo. The app is developed by the NLL, and it is authentic, according to some Play Store policy, NLL is not able to host the app on the official Google Play Store.

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Call Recorder by Boldbeast

( download Call Recorder by Boldbeast, free, offers in-app purchases)Boldbeast Android Call Rec

The Call Recorder by Boldbeast is one of the good call recorders, but you have to enable a few important permissions such as the accessibility for Boldbeast call recorder, other setting gs, etc. This app works very well on Nokia, LG, Xiaomi, Samsung, and other major brand’s devices, though, the developer has claimed that he is able to bypass the Android Pie and Q restriction and maintains that it will work on a majority of devices.    Coming to individual handset’s adventure, on OnePlus 7T (running Android 10 in India) records calls efficiently. Probably, this app is capable of recording calls on Android 9 or 10 devices, and also you can use the root method within this app, to relevantly record calls.

Cube Recorder ACR

(download Cube Recorder ACR by Catalina Group, free)Cube Call Recoder

This handful call recorder is able to records calls on Android Pie or Q version. The Realme, Xiaomi, Nokia, or other smartphone users can install this app, and if you want the best recording experience open the App Settings and select ” Voice Recognition Software”. Coming to individual handset’s adventure, the Cube Recorder ACR works well on Pixel 2 XL (running Android 10). On Samsung S10e (running One UI 2.0 based on Android 10) the Cube Recorder ACR records calls without any trouble.

[ PLEASE NOTE: The easiest way of the call recording is using the Android ecosystem (the device’s own built-in call recording system), almost every Android devices do not get the Android Pie or Q update, so a few users use these kinds of updated devices but other can easily use the Android device’s own built-in call recording feature.  If your records call for legal or records purpose then I suggest you stick with an aged tone Android smartphone, which means which are not updated with  Pie or Q. ]

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