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ZEROCONF means - Zero Configuration Networking

What Is Zeroconf

ZEROCONF – “zero configuration IP networking“ The full form of “zeroconf“ is “zero configuration IP networking“. This service works on some of...

Windows Server Core

Server Core

Windows Server Core This feature is available on Windows Server System. It is a minimal installation option of Windows Server. If you run server...

dhcp server Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

DHCP Server

DHCP Server (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) What is DHCP? to know click here… In this article, you will know what is DHCP...

APIPA Cconfig

What Is APIPA ???

APIPA Automatic Private IP Addressing called as APIPA, this an inbuilt feature of Windows Operating System. APIPA is meant for environments like...

What Is DHCP

What Is DHCP In Network

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol called as DHCP is a network protocol for assigning dynamic IP addresses to a network connected device.

Microsoft Windows

“Microsoft Windows”  first version was introduced on 10, November 1983 which was, version 1.0. From then to now they introduced over a...

Laptop Buying Tips

Laptop Buying Tips

Laptop Buying Tips Purchasing a laptop for home or busyness is not a big deal nowadays you can buy form any...

Windows Resmon

Windows Resmon Explanation

Windows Resmon Explanation  Every windows user faced problems like slow down, hang/freeze or any program not working, It’s not good for the users...