How To Choose Best Wireless (WiFi) Router

Choose Best Wireless WiFi Router

What Is A Router?How To Choose Best Wireless (WiFi) Router

It is an electronic device it can join multiple computer networks via wired and wireless. It works on Layer 3 network gateway.

Routers have own processor, it process several kinds of digital input and output signal and they have an embedded operating system like an example “Cisco Internetwork Operating System” & “DD-WRT”, We call this firmware.

What Is The Usage Of A Wireless WiFi Router?

Today we are mainly brought router for accessing WiFi. But this is not the only usage of a router, router use to route public network like internet private network (IP like

Difference Types Of Wireless WiFi RouterWireless WiFi Router

There are different types of router available in the market, the difference comes from Data transfer speed, I/O port availability, WiFi frequency, Firmware Type etc.

Data Transfer Speed

Data transfer speed is measured by Mbps means how much MB transfers in a second. Commonly using router transfer 150 Mbps to 600 Mbps. The higher MBPS meaning your local network give higher connection speed.

I/O Port

Many types of port like Auxiliary ports, Console ports, Ethernet ports, Fast Ethernet ports, Gigabit Ethernet ports, PCMCIA slots available in the router but not every router provide you all ports. Here create differences in I/O ports.

WiFi Frequency

WiFi frequency defines WiFi’s Range & Speed here we give a summary.

802.11a  > 5Ghz

802.11b  > 2.4Ghz

802.11g  > 2.4Ghz

802.11n  > 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz

802.11ac  > Below 6Ghz

802.11ad  > Up to 60Ghz

The higher Ghz mean Higher speed lower range, opposite in lower GHz.

Dual Band Wireless WiFi Router

This types of router work on two different types of frequency 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz that mean you can connect 2.4 GHz device and also 5 GHz device also.

Now you can select what type of router you need to buy for your work. Buy only good brand router otherwise this theory won’t be work.

Tips: Place your router at meddle of your house this will help to keep better WiFi coverage in your house.


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