5 Classroom Management Apps For Tech Savvy Teachers

Are you want to be a tech-savvy teacher, and searching for wonderful free classroom management apps? Your wish maybe fulfills here, read the article till the end. Some major important classroom management apps are maybe very helpful for you in this segment. Five wonderful classroom management apps are declared here and most of them are free and usable on iOS and Android devices. Know them from below, Collect and install the app/apps in your device (mobile) which you exactly want, and start your job.



The Google Classroom can be a wonderful route for your students to learn from you. Just with Google Apps for Education account, it is possible. The initial setup is very easy, Google Classroom has different versions for both iOS and Android devices.Google classroom app

The learners only need to have their phone, if they have they don’t require a physical classroom for learning. For schools, Google Classroom is totally free of cost. They can get your assignments through their phones, and next you can grade their submissions on the app, very easy and not only that you(teacher) can also give comments into the graded assignment to help your students.

This process is very systematic, the students discover their all homework in the same place and calculating the homework will be more neat and clean for the Google Classroom. Your assignment allows you to record media, maks video, sharing links, and more abilities. Download Link


The Plickers’s main remarkable part is it requires only one tablet or smartphone for the teacher, and without the teacher, students don’t need any smartphone to learn from the teacher. Some times all of the students don’t have mobile devices in their hands, here the apps sine. This app works on iOS and Android, this app is totally free.Plickers classroom app

By using coded cards teachers can supervise the developmental assessments. The Pickers can be used to generate multiplechoice questions before start class. Teachers can ask a question during class and students have to hold up their answers. Then, just for a quick scan with the Plickers app and the camera (teacher’s phone), the teacher can take the tabulation of every student’s answer, instantly. Not only that the app can also tabulate which student given which answer. Thus, it would be simplified to the teacher that every student has understood the topic or not. Download Link


This app is mainly used to manage a classroom, and it offers the option to enable student and parent accounts with a customizable view. Basically, LearnBoost is easy to use and it includes classroom management tools like as, generating progress reports of students, creating multimedia lessons (text, video, and images) plan, maintaining grade book, keeping attendance, and more.learnboost classroom app

If you are the teacher and you integrate the LearnBoost with Google Apps then managing your classroom will be easier and effective. Download Link

If till now it dismissed you can go to https://www.quickschools.com/

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If you want to gather and generate data on the behavior of students, then the Class DOJO is appropriate for you. Here, the teacher can get lots of predefined behavior options under the positive and negative behaviors categories, and the teacher can add new behavior options additionally. When a teacher on a particular class clicks on a negative or positive behavior option of a student then +1 or -1 will be added to the student profile.ClassDojo educational App

The Class DOJO is a free app and you can download it on iOS, and Android, both devices. This app is also capable of providing a secure communication method for teachers to send feedback about a student to their parents. The Class DOJO shears all behaviorbased information in realtime along with administration and parents, thus they can know about the progress of a student and in the class his/ her status. Download Link

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The Socrative is a free app that is available in two forms, 1. app for the students, 2. app for the teacher, and both forms are available on almost every platform like Android, Chrome app, Amazon, iOS, Windows Phone, etc. This app was obtained by Mastery Connect in June 2014.Socrative Student and Teacher

Let’s know how the app works. In the app, the teacher designs a quiz and releases it to the students and the students input their answers through their phones. The quizzes are maybe True or False, short answer, multiple-choice question (MCQ), in one word this questions are quick-answer type questions. Through this procedure, the teacher understands the feedback on a lecture and at the end of a session, the teacher knows that which students study sincerely the whole session. Download Link

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