14 Apps That Connect Android Devices To PC

There are so many reasons that really exists for smartphone users to connect their Android device to their own Mac or PC. For the individual different reason, a smartphone user connects his/her Android device to Mac or PC again and again, the reason can be many, like as, back up photos and videos, remote-control the device, to squeeze out files to free up space from the device, or to squeeze out critical information. Smartphone user’s this work will be so easy, and simple, if they choose any from the below-mentioned apps, I must say, these 14 all apps are quite eligible for this work. You can connect your Android device with your PC, or Mac very easily, with the following apps.

Now Start Exploring The Apps To Connect Android Devices To PC

  • Pushbullet (WORKS ON WINDOWS, FIREFOX, AND CHROME)Pushbullet

  • The features of the ‘Pushbullet’ app are:
  1. Pushbullet allows you to receive /send files, text messages, and links with an end-to-end encryption facility, but there is a size limitation, maximum 2GB.
  2. This is able to connect Android to Windows and other OSs through Firefox or Chrome.
  3. It let you receive and send messages for messaging services, such as Facebook Messenger, Kik, WhatsApp, etc.

  • Team Viewer Host (WORKS ON WINDOWS AND macOS)TeamViewer Host

  • The capacities of ‘Team Viewer Host’ are here:
  1. This tool is a mirror/ control propose tool. From Windows or macOS, the ‘Team Viewer Host‘ can control /mirror your Android device.
  2. It transfers files, shares clipboard, and support listing apps and process.
  3. The ‘Team Viewer Host’ is a very efficient tool that works on remotely accessing very good.


  • Another good mirroring tool is ‘Vysor’, let’s know about it:
  1. You can mirror your mobile screen on macOS and Windows.
  2. This lets you connect through wireless connections/ cable, but there is a limit the free accounts can connect only one cable.
  3. During doing many things like playing games, using apps, etc, here you can check messages, notification, and can send replay.
  4. In it’s Pro version, you can share files and can go fullscreen on your mirrored screen.


  • Android File Transfer (WORKS ONLY ON macOS):Android File Transfer

  • Know about ‘Android File Transfer’ from below:
  1. The ‘Android File Transfer‘ lets you transfer files among your Mac and Android devices.
  2. You have to install ‘Android File Transfer’ on your Mac and connect your Android devices via a USB cable, that’s all, you would able to back up photos and videos, transfer data, etc, very easily.

  • ApowerMirror (WORKS ON WINDOWS AND macOS):ApowerMirror

  • A great mirroring app is ‘ApowerMirror’. It’s features are:
  1. The ‘ApowerMirror‘ lets you mirror and remotely control your device.
  2. This allows you to connect your mobile device via USB cable /Wi-Fi.
  3. It let you capture screenshots, record screen for making product tutorials or videos.

  • Feem V4:Feem

  • The data transferring app ‘Feem V4’ is a very beneficial app, it’s benefits are:
  1. For PC, Tablet, Laptop, etc, devices that connected with the same Wi-Fi connection are capable to transfer data via ‘Feem V4’.
  2. This is an easy, budget-friendly way, only individual devices require the downloaded ‘Feem V4‘ app.

  • AirDroid (WORKS ON WINDOWS, macOS, AND LINUX):AirDroid

  • Mainly, the ‘AirDroid’ is a file transferring app but, I say it is a multitasking app. How? Let’s know from the following points:
  1. You can connect Android to a PC /Mac through the ‘AirDroid‘ app.
  2. It let you mirror receive calls, messages, and app notifications on your Mac /PC.
  3. Furthermore, you can share the clipboard between your Android and Windows or macOS.
  4. You can transfer files remote control Android.
  5. The ‘AirDroid’ also allows you to send messages, reply messages, and call from your Mac/ PC.

  • Cloud Storage:Metactrl Autosync

  • Know about ‘Cloud Storage’ from the following points:
  1. Dropbox, Autosync, Amazon Drive, Box.Com, OneDrive, and Google Drive, there are so many ‘Cloud Storage’ services you can choose any to transfer files as per your choice.
  2. Here you just on one device, upload the file to ‘Cloud Storage’, and next you download that on other devices.
  3. Almost every cloud storage app support their own dedicated apps for an easier solution for the process.


  • An effective fast file sharing app ‘SHAREit’ can make the transferring process very quick, know the information about this:
  1. The fastest sharing app, ‘SHAREit‘ is can share with speeds up to 20 MB/s, which might be 200 times faster than Bluetooth.
  2. On Windows /macOS, install the ‘SHAREit’ application and that will let you share files among PC/ Mac and Android.
  3. You can get here some music and video player, trending music and videos.

  • Resilio Sync (WORKS ON MAC, WINDOWS, AND LINUX):Resilio Sync

  • The ‘Resilio Sync’ is also a file transferring app, know it features:
  1. This is a free and no app-in-purchase app, without ads.
  2. You would need to set it up if you want to use it, if you did that then this will be good for you.
  3. It is a secure way for this purpose.

  • Your Phone Companion (WORKS ONLY ON WINDOWS):Your Phone Companion App

  • This is a multitasking app, the tool ‘Your Phone Companion’ can do the followings for you:
  1. This app is from Microsoft, this link Android to Windows 10.
  2. You can get access to many things on your smartphone from your PC very easily through ‘Your Phone Companion’.
  3. As well you can also replay messages, and make/ receive calls.
  4. By the app, you can transfer photos between Windows and Android devices.

  • Xender (WORKS ON WINDOWS, ANDROID, AND MAC):Xender Share FIles

  • A popular one file transferring app ‘Xender’ is a helpful app, it’s features are:
  1. By the ‘Xender‘ you can connect your phone to other devices and transfer things with the help of a Wi-Fi connection.
  2. This app also lets to download Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook videos.
  3. The ‘Xender’ is also able to convert video to audio.

  • MightyText (WORKS ON WINDOWS, WEB, AND macOS):MightyText

  • The ‘MightyText’ is a powerful app that includes some unique features, let’s know about them:
  1. To receive or send messages, check notifications, and dismiss notifications from PC /Mac the ‘MightyText‘ is efficient, it connect Android to your PC or Mac.
  2. This support schedule messages and battery alert, which are its great features.
  3. It’s Pro feature support PowerView, that helps to manage multiple conversations.
  4. Through ‘MightyText’ you can send videos/ photos from your smartphone to your PC/ Mac.


  • The last mirroring app on our list, the ‘Scrcpy’ is an advantageous app, the features of ‘Scrcpy’ are:
  1. This app connects your Android device to control/ mirror the device from your Mac /PC.
  2. It is a free, high-performing, lightweight, and open-source tool.
  3. Very efficiently it can control your Android device.
  4. If you want you can record the screen of your Android device by this tool that can be any with or without the mirroring facility.
  5. The ‘Scrcpy’ works for cable or also with the wireless connection, if you want you can use Android ADB (Android Debug Bridge) as cable.


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