Cool Ideas To Recycle Old Android Devices

There are so many amazing smart ways available to recycle your old Android devices. When you know them you would be surprised by thinking that how helpful and elegant ways they are? These are very easy and most importantly you can use the old Android device in any segment which is important for you, like media, photo, headset, Wi-Fi, Reader, and your kid’s gadget. So let’s know how you will reprocess it in the appropriate ways, the ways are stated below.

List Of Cool Ideas To Recycle Your Android Devices


You can easily use your old Android device as a portable media center, Just need to install a perfect media app that lets you watch and browse videos, photos, podcasts, music, etc from online and from local storage. You can stream movies, music directly on your portable device without storing them on your phone if you set up a media center server. Some media center apps can also stream media from its media server, for example, Plex.Android Devices As MEDIA CENTER

A Small List Of Top Media Center Apps For Your Andriod Devices
  1. VLC for Android
  2. Kodi
  3. MX Player
  4. Plex for Android

B. PhotoFrame

Your old Android phone is changeable as a Photo Frame, It can show your photos and videos from local and cloud storage locations as well. Just place your new photo frame in a corner of your house or in your bedroom on a table. Few apps are capable of streaming photos directly to the device straight from social media profiles and some apps get the option to pull public images of your interest from lots of sources like Pinterest, Flickr, etc.Android Devices As Photo Frame

A Small List Of Top Photo Streaming Apps For Your Andriod Devices
  1. PicMotion
  2. Dayframe
  3. Slideshow Maker
  4. Pixgram

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C. Kid-Friendly Gadget

Before giving an Android device to your child you must make it kid-friendly. Thus you get two benefits at a time, one, your old recycle Android devices meets the great reuse example, and two, your kid will learn and get fun from it without spending extra money. You can create a restrictive profile on your device (running Android 4.2 or above) by the following process.Make Your Android Devices As Kid-Friendly Gadget

Go to the Settings > choose User, go to Add user or profile and click Add restricted profile. You can control and restrict the apps, for which that device will be a perfect device to handover to your child’s hand.

A Small List Of Top Kid-Friendly Apps For Your Andriod Devices
  1. ABC Kids
  2. Kids Doodle
  3. YouTube Kids

D. Wi-fi Hotspot (Usefull idea to recycle android devices)

Mostly, a large number of Android devices are able to provide the Wi-Fi Hotspot feature. If your old Android device is capable of it, then you can enable the Internet on the wireless devices, which is your old Android Phone. Few apps help you to control and safer shearing options on the hotspot they are also mentioned below. To activate the hotspot in your Android device, you can follow the following ways.Make Your Phone As Wi-fi Hotspot

Go to Settings > click on Wireless & Networks > go to More and toggle on the slider Tethering & Portable Hotspot, and enable Wi-Fi Hotspot.

[NOTE: The steps may differ if your device’s manufacturer provides a customized version of Android. Some particular device, that is fundable under the ‘Settings’ part.]

A Small List Of Top Wi-Fi Hotspot Apps For Your Andriod Devices
  1. Wi-fi Hotspot Free
  2. Portable Wi-Fi hotspot

E. VR Headset

The Virtual Reality Headset is a good option for reusing an old Android device. Combined with Google Cardboard with your old Android phone the Google Cardboard will work as a container for your phone and show stereoscopic images, forecasted from the inside device. By this, the new headset can present the virtual reality experience. You don’t need to buy a new one from the market. Different apps offer a different experience to you, some are mentioned below.VR Headset App

A Small List Of Top VR Apps For Your Andriod Devices
  1. YouTube VR
  2. VaR’s VR Video Player
  3. Cardboard

F. Baby Monitor

One extraordinary thing for new parents can be made by the old Android device for their babies. Through some apps you can do this, thus you can view and hear your baby remotely when parents are aside from the child.

It would capable to do many things and presents an audio-visual view, for example, plays your voice to soothe the baby, send alerts via message or call, and keep a track of child’s sleep pattern.Baby Monitor App For Android

A Small List Of Top Baby Monitor Apps For Your Andriod Devices
  1. Baby Monitor Lite
  2. Dormi- Baby Monitor
  3. Baby Monitor 3G

G. Digital Radio

An intelligent recycling idea of old Android mobile is making it a digital radio. You only required a radio to tune to a radio station, install one app from the below and convert your Android phone into a digital radio. Place your new radio in a perfect corner of your house and hear your favorite songs.

A Small List Of Top Radio Apps For Your Andriod Devices
  1. Simple Radio
  2. TuneIn Radio
  4. myTuner Radio
  5. Radio Online

H. E-book Reader (great idea too recycle android devices)

The ereader app is an important thing especially for book lovers, think if your old Android phone works as an e-reader that would be a great reuse idea. It is really possible, you can make it a dedicated e-book reader via installing an app from below. Many times massage alerts, notification, and calls disturb our mind at the time of reading, so this recycling idea is appropriate for reading books on a device. You just choose one app from below,  install that and make it an e-book reader very easily.

A Small List Of Top E-Book Apps For Your Andriod Devices
  1. Moon+ Reader
  2. FBReader
  3. Amazon Kindle
  4. eReader Prestigio

So this is the end of the idea of recycling android devices, all apps can install from Google Play Store. Don’t forget to comment on your thought. If you like this article do share with your friends and to stay with us do Subscribe.

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