10 Cool Keyboard That Blow Your Mind

A keyboard is an important thing as a part of a computer. Without a keyboard, a computer has no meaning and it’s one can not do anything on their computer without this type-writer style machine. Sometimes a keyboard can do the job of a mouse but sorrowfully there is no other substitute for the keyboard. Whatever you can use a virtual on-screen keyboard but it will take a light-year to complete an essay. So here we talk about some cool features keyboard.

Presently, the keyboard is used in various segments like as typing a job, playing video games, or other all king of things, and navigate the PC when the mouse does not work properly.  These days keyboard does not come with the ordinary typical look, it offers cool, elegant, classic, and various amazing designs for those who love the unusual different fresh look.

List Of Ten Different Classic Cool Keyboard

Must take look at them, and choose your’s…

  • Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless  Keyboard


The Logitech K780 has good looking round keys, this keyboard is able to connect up to three devices through Bluetooth. Users may get a stand along with the keyboard to hold a tablet or mobile.

  • Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboardmicrosoft universal foldable keyboard

This keyboard is a very light-weight, foldable, thinner keyboard, that can connect up to two devices and allow you to switch between them by pressing a button, very quickly. Users may get a rechargeable battery with Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard. It is really very easy to use and carry.

  • Corsair K95 RGB Platinum KeyboardK95 RGB PLATINUM Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Corsair K95 RGB Platinum, basically a mechanical gaming keyboard. The interesting part of this keyboard is, it comes with six programmable gaming keys, anti-ghosting, and other features. This has a dynamic and adjustable multi-color key lighting feature.

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  • Smart Tech Natural Bamboo KeyboardSmart Tech Natural Bamboo Keyboard

This keyboard is made with natural bamboo wood and that gives it a very beautiful classy look. The important part is it offers you a wireless mouse and a touch pen.  It is a hand-crafted wireless keyboard.

  • Sungwoo Foldable Silicone KeyboardSungwoo Foldable Silicone Keyboard

This keyboard is made with non-toxic silicon. It allows you to fold it and this is very easy to carry. Rolling or folding the keyboard is so easy in it, and it also types very silently. The Sungwoo Foldable Silicone is waterproof, flexible, foldable and its weight is very little.

  • BlueFinger Mechanical Computer KeyboardBlueFinger Mechanical Computer Keyboard

This keyboard is also idle for gamers. Its smart-looking design attracts game lovers to use it. It comes with ten multimedia keys to improve your experience in gaming.

  • Bastron Transparent Touch Glass KeyboardBastron Transparent Touch Glass Keyboard

The Bastron Transparent Touch Glass Keyboard is a wireless, touch-sensitive keyboard. It is chargeable through a micro-USB cable. The body of the keyboard made through aluminum and tempered glass. This keyboard is transparent.

  • The Machinist Keyboard The Machinist Keyboard

The artistic keyboard, the Machinist, is well built with hand-crafted material with Cherry MX switches.  Its body made with aluminum construction and the keys of the keyboard is the type-writer style.

  • Azio MK-RETRO-02 Mechanical KeyboardAzio MK-RETRO-02 Mechanical Keyboard

The white and gold-colored, Azio MK-RETRO-02 Mechanical Keyboard looks like a typewriter. This gets chrome-plated round keys, which provide it the elegant retro look.

  • Celluon EPIC Ultra-Portable Virtual Keyboard Celluon EPIC Ultra-Portable Virtual Keyboard

The Celluon EPIC Ultra-Portable keyboard is a virtual keyboard. It works with almost every OSs. It works on every flat and opaque surface and users can pair it with various devices wirelessly through the Bluetooth.

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