How To Create USB Recovery Drive For Windows 10

USB Recovery Drive For Windows 10
If you are a Windows user you must need a recovery option for your device. USB recovery drive is an essential tool it will help you to recover your Windows when you needed. Windows devices are the most common computing device, so virus and other malware are always ready for hitting your windows device. It’s better to have a USB Recovery Drive ready in your hand if your security system failed it will save you, In this article, I will show you how you can create your USB recovery drive with the help of Recovery Media Creator.USB Recovery Drive

Note:- This article will help you to fix Windows 10 devices, For other versions of windows, we will post another article soon.

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Here I divide this process into simple steps so you can better understand the work process.

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USB Recovery Drive For Windows 10

Number One:

Goto Recovery Media Creator

Recovery Media Creator

To finish this process you have to start this process with a USB storage drive like a pen drive or external HDD, it will turn into a recovery device. Now after inserting the USB device go and search recovery in the search box and hit enter. You can see create a recovery drive in the search result. If you want another way you can do with windows settings. Go to settings (WIN+I) type recovery in the search box and click on create a recovery drive. Even if you want more option to go please go to Control Panel click on Recovery and choose Create a recovery drive.

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Number Two:

Start Recovery Media Creator

Create restore pointcreate a recovery drive


create a recovery drive

After clicking on Create a recovery drive you may see a UAC prompt asking for permission to allow Recovery Media Creator to make changes to your computer. To give the permission click on Yes it will start the Recovery Media Creator.

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Number Three:

Create A Windows 10 Recovery DriveCreate A Windows 10 Recovery Drive

The Recovery Media Creator show a work message Even if your PC can’t start, you can use a recovery drive to reset it or troubleshoot problems. If you back up system files to this drive, you’ll also be able to use it to reinstall Windows.

Here you will see a checkbox that says Backup system files to the recovery drive. Enable the system files check box, you will find an option later, during recovery, to install Win 10 system files if they damaged. And if you disable the system files checkbox your system backup will consume less space. And here is come space if you have a 32bit system you can run a 4GB USB drive and if you have a 64bit system you need a bigger space of 8GB. Now you choose the option and click on next.

Now you asked for select the USB flash drive, make sure your drive is clean if you have any data left it will be erased in this process. Now select the drive and click on next. Now you get a warning message to last chance to save the data in your drive If you are ready click on Create.

Number Four:

Recovery Tools ProcessRecovery Tools Process

After all, the options are done by you, the USB drive is formatted to creating recovery tools in it. Normally it takes 1520 mints it may be less or more depends on your copying speed and type of your USB drive. After the process was successfully done you will see a message to finish the function. click on finish.Recovery Tools Process copying

Those are the simple steps, so create your own rescue device now.



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