Know This Free Tools To Create Your Own Map

Wants to create your own map? Here are some awesome tools that can help you to create your own map. These tools are easy to use and also free. Know the name and features of six well map-making tool, I think you will get help.

List Of The  Six Tools For Create Your Own Map

A. Mapme

The Mapme is easy to use, a simple map-creating tool. This tool lets you make interactive maps, and for this, you don’t need to be a programmer or a GIS expert. With this tool when you create maps, are developed for mobiles by default.Mapme Create Your Own Map

Here, after setting maps you can place the map on your website and can get the quality-full print of the map. To make or customize an interactive map with the Mapme tool you only required to its feature-filled editor.

B. Map Chart

This tool is great, support creating professionals like custom maps, and also easy to use. One can make maps using this tool for many proposes like presentations, school or work projects, etc.Mapchart

It Map Chart one can select any portion to create a map, for example, the whole world, a single country, or a single region. After selecting, you just click on that and change the color of that, next change the title and description, and then preview the map finally. If you want you can use patterns, zoom into any specific area, and hide any region or country.  Thereafter you have to download the map that you created.

C. MaptiveMaptive Create a custom google map

It is powered by Google’s enterprise-level mapping technology which supports global coverage, Maptive offers a simple interface. After mapmaking you can place the map in any mobile app, print the map, and use the map on your website.

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D. SnazzyMaps

The SnazzyMaps supports various styles.  This tool actually designed for developers and web designers. The styles are default (Google Map-Style) light, monochrome, dar, etc. This tool allows you to use and save the maps for any type of commercial or personal projects.Snazzymaps

To make a map using SnazzyMaps firstly you need to go to their Map builder page, next put the information in their respective fields like style, size, markers, and language, then your map will be ready, that really very simple.

E. GamapGIS

The map-making tool GamapGIS allows its users to do lots of things without using any Google account, for example,  draw lines, add labels, shapes, measure the distance on maps, and add markers. This tool lets you save the map in a KML format or view the map on Google

When you complete drawing labeling a map, then a link will come automatically for your map that you can share.

F. Click2Map

This tool lets you make customized maps, and to make your map a little bit more attractive and informative this allows you to place built-in markers from its library. After making the map you can download the map and publish the map on your blog or website for free.web and mobile map

For creating your map interesting using the Click2Map you can add polygons and lines on your maps, that will indicate a particular geographical area on your designed map.


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