How To Enable Dark Mode WhatsApp In iOS

Dark mode, the popular system which basically introduced by Apple in iOS 13.0 and later versions. In this mode, the devices’ screens, menu, views, and controls show a darker color board. In this article, you will know some information about iOS’s Dark mode feature and the way of put the Dark mode in WhatsApp (iOS). So, let’s start.

Details About Dark Mode Whatsapp

After an iOS update, the WhatsApp also capable of providing these features. Though the WhatsApp is a product of Facebook,  the Facebook Messenger offers the capacity of enabling or disabling the Dark mode within the app directly, but the problem is the WhatsApp has no facility to enable or disable this option, this feature is not provided by the WhatsApp, itself. So, if you wish to set it in the WhatsApp, you have to put down your iPhone in that black mode.whatsapp dark mode in ios

If you settle your phone in that mode then the WhatsApp will also come in the ‘Dark’ mode feature.

Now know, how this mode comes into your iPhone’s display setting, which means the WhatsApp will also offer the black mode, along with the one piece of work.

Your WhatsApp will come into this mode automatically if your iPhone set to the ‘Dark’ mode. Without this option, that means if your iPhone is not able to set the ‘black’ mode then, there is no chance to set your WhatsApp in that Mode.

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How You Enable Dark Mode In The iOSwhatsapp dark mode settings

Do the following steps to enable the Mode in your iOS because that is the only way to settle in  WhatsApp.

  • Firstly, go to the settings, next Display, and brightness.
  • Thereafter, you will see two options Light, and Dark, you just click on the ‘Dark’ option.

As another option of it, you can enable Automatic by going through the Settings > Display and Brightness. Next after doing that, set a custom time in it, when you want to see your phone showing the Dark Mode.

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