5 Best Data Usage Monitor Apps For Your Mobile

If you ever wonder where is your all mobile data gone, and blaming ISP, stop live in this confusion. Here I presenting you top five mobile data usage monitor apps and their features are here, just know them from the below paragraphs. I hope after knowing those apps’ features you can see where your data goes in real-time.

List Of 5 Best Data Usage Monitor Apps

A. ‘My Data Manager’

A data usage monitoring app, it is usable on both iOS and Android devices.my data manager app
  1. It tracks data usage for mobile, WiFi, and roaming (if you use it).
  2. It is free.
  3. Not come with ads.
  4. In My Data Manager’s ‘Set Custom Alarm’ feature you can set all sorts of alarm or alerts for know when your mobile data comes to a specific limit.

In My Data Manager  application you required to input your data limit, renewal period, and renewal date, at first. Thereafter, you head over to the summary tab. Then, you will get an overlook of your data usage for WiFi, roaming, and mobile. You will get a list from the app tracker tab which reveals the name of the apps which use your data, WiFi, or mobile, this presents an idea of how you adjust your usage behavior if your mobile data is reaching its limit.

B. The ‘RadioOpt Traffic Monitor & 3G/4G Speed’

The application is usable on iOS and Android devices.RadioOpt Traffic Monitor app
  1. It gets a strong built-in speed test tool.
  2. You can create a coverage map from the app to watch where you can get the best signals from the nearest network tower. The most important part is, this test compares with people in your area, to help you know is data speed really similar?
  3. By its speed test tool, you can test the speed of your WiFi or mobile’s data connection alog=ngwith, upload, download, and ping speed.
  4. It keeps an individual record of roaming data usage.
  5. This app also helps to keep the wireless connection stable and allows you to track the information on how much you use data.

In the RadioOpt Traffic Monitor &3G/4G Speed app, you need to specify your data plan, period, and limits. It will track your data usage and alert you if you cross the limitations.

C. ‘DataMan Next’

Only iOS device users can use this application to monitor data usage.DataMan Next
  1. This app comes with a handy widget which shows the quantity of data you using all the time.
  2. Its prediction feature says where you will stay in your limit or exceed it, based on your current data usage position.
  3. This beautiful app has a smart design, where each feature shows different colors and custom notifications.

You can observe data usage by each app and gross data limit progress through the DataMan Next app.

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D. ‘Glasswire Data Usage’

It is an Android device-based data usage monitor apps (also has desktop version), this app Monitor comes with various features.Glasswire Data Usage
  1. Capable of tracking data usage in real-time.
  2. It is also able to go back in and watch which app used data on a particular day.
  3. The app reminds you if a new app uses the internet.
  4. Whenever your data provider offers unlimited data usage for a particular app (for example, Facebook) then this app allows you to exclude it from data monitoring.
  5. This popular app can track network usage and record app behavior.

The Glasswire Data Usage Monitor tracks the apps are using your mobile data and WiFi and alerts you if are come close to exceed your data plan limit.

E. ‘Data Usage’

This data usage monitor application is usable on iOS, Android devices.Data Usage
  1. It comes with a dedicated widget that shows you your data usage in real-time and your overall daily usage.
  2. If you reach your set limit, this app can also disable your data connection.
  3. Its prediction feature will alert you if you reach the data limit based on your regular usage.
  4. By anyhow if you use more data than usual then you will get alarmed from the app.

The ‘Data Usage’ is a data usage tracking app which monitors regular data usage, and alerts you if needed.

I hope those data usage monitor apps will useful for you if you install those apps don’t forget to share your opinion with us. To stay with us do SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE with your friends, share reflects caring.

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