DHCP Server

DHCP Server (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)

What is DHCP? to know click here… In this article, you will know what is DHCP server. DHCP called the short form of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. It commonly found in WIFi or Non-WiFi router’s firmware Or in Windows or Linux server system.

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Server In Routerdhcp server in router

In a basic router setup, you have the option to choose between DHCP server On or Off. If you turn off DHCP server you have to assign IP Address manually on every end-user devices. If you let the DHCP on then you just need to set the IP range in it. After that, your end user devices will automatically be assigned with a dynamic IP Address.

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DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Server In Windows Or Linux Server Systemdhcp server in linux

In windows or Linux Server, you have to enable the DHCP server by add services options. By default, the server system enables only the DHCP Client service. After the DHCP Server service turns on, the connected devices can be assigned Dynamic IP Address automatically.



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