How To Enable And Disable Android Developer Options And USB Debugging Option

Enable And Disable Android Developer Options

This will open an Advanced feature for Android Developers and tech greek persons. It will open USB debugging, Background Process Check, Fake GPS location Check, Stay Awake charging, CPU usage check, USB storage protection, Force-Enable FXAA, Setup Desktop Password etc. Developer Options have some advanced features that only useful for Developers. Without enabling developer options this advanced options will stay hidden by default.Android USB Security

There are have some options dedicated to Web Geeks, one of that is USB Debugging. Here I show you how you can enable/disable those magical options by enabling or disabling Developer options I covered step by step guide.

Guide To Enable Android Developer Options

For enabling developer options on any android phone you have to go in the phone settings option. In the settings menu scroll down until you see About Device option.

Now if you are using older Android version (Android 5.1 Lolipop or Below) you see “Build Number” option. And if you have the latest Android version (Android 6.0 MarshMallow or above) you see “Build Number” option under “Software Info” option.

Now tap 5 to 6 times on the Build Number menu after that you will see a message display “Developer mode has been enabled” or “you’re now a developer“. Now after successfully enabled developer option you will see some advanced options visible in the System “settings.”Android Developer Options

Guide To Activate USB Debugging

USB debugging option placed under the Developer Options menu. It is built for the Android developers but you can use it if you are not an android developer. This advanced option can help your computer to communicate with your android device with USB cable. So you can control your Android devices from your PC directly.

Some Of Advance Options Examples Of USB Debugging

The most exciting thing you can do is you can install a custom ROM.
Your phone can be Root and Unroot using phone rooting utility software such as Kingo root PC utility.
You can directly install Android Apps on your phone from your Computer using Wondershare apps installer or Mobogenie like Android apps installer PC software.
You can mirror your Phone’s screen on your computer using Phone Mirror utility software such as Vysor.
You can actually backup your whole android phone using “Android Backup Utilities for PC“.

[Note- USB Debugging is Sub-option of Android Developer Options so to turn on this you have to enable android Developer Options.]

Go to android developer options and enable it, after that drive into developer options and you will see “USB debugging” just tap on that to enable it.Android system backup

After finishing this options it has been successfully activated now you can start enjoying using above mentions advanced features.

How To Disable Android Developer Options & USB Debugging

After using developer options if you think it affects your device security and wants to disable it again, to add an extra bit of security layer. The good news is YES you can disable the android developer options and USB Debugging option.

To do this Go to Phone “Settings” and tap on Developer Options. Now in developer options tap on toggle button placed on the top right corner. This will disable the developer options on your Android device.Android Developer Options

But it will show Android developer options on the settings menu. If you want to hide this option follow the steps…

If you are using latest Android (Android 6.0 or above) then Go to Settings> Applications>Application Manager>Settings>Storage and tap on “Clear Data” option. If you are using an old android device (Android 5.1 or below) then Go to Settings>Apps> Select “ALL” tab and tap on “Settings“. After that tap on “Clear Data” option. This options best work in MarshMallow (android 6.0). The Above version of Android 6.0 has another option to do this job because of these versions of android moved developer options to another place.


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