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You can make the default file drag and drop behavior on Windows 10. Actually, at the time of drag and drop a file or folder in a new destination in File Explorer, Windows supports two default actions that depend on the target, copy and move. By using the Registry Editor facilities you can change Windows 10’s default behavior. The steps of changing procedure of Windows 10’s default behavior has stated below, through the Registry editor with some simple stapes you can change file or folder drag and drop behavior.

Simple Stapes To Change File Or Folder Drag And Drop Behavior

Windows 10 Desktop

  • DEFAULT BEHAVIOR OF WINDOWS 10: Basically, The Windows by default can make copy anything you drag and drop to a directory on a different drive, and if you drag and drop it to another folder on the current drive then Windows moves that. If you want you can force Windows to change its behavior such to copy or move nevertheless in case you drag items into the different or same drives.

  • THROUGH THE REGISTRY EDITOR CHANGE FILE OR FOLDER DRAG AND DROP BEHAVIOR: A graded database that can include every component, services, and applications in Windows, called Windows Registry. Basically, Registry has two natural approaches, Keys and Values. Actually, Registry Keys objects are folders, and this exactly looks the same in the interface, seems folders, and on the other hand,  Values are closely similar to the files in the folders. These are the basic information of Registry that can give you a tiny imagination about Windows Registry.

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If you open the Registry Editor you will watch the directory structure in that, where all the keys included in the left-hand pane, and on the right-hand side, values are placed. A strong effective tool is Registry Editor, it required proper use if you not use that perfectly that can present the bad effect, especially those who have never worked with Registry Editor.

Keep in mind before starting the changing process you must back up your Computer and the Registry. You may create a System Restore point for extra security, by this if anyhow something goes wrong, you can roll back to a time before disorder.

By editing two registry entries you can change the default behavior. After doing all the above mentioned essential things you can open the Registry Editor and do as the following.

How To Use Registry Editor (Windows 10)

A. Navigate to the key in the left sidebar, HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT*

B. There Right-click the * folder and click on New, and then choose DWORD (32-bit) Value, name the value DefaultDropEffect.

C.  In the third step, you are moving to modify the value to always copy or move files and folders in the act of the default drop behavior. You can use four values that are different in their own effects, you can also use only two by choice.

  1. Default action: The Default action allows Windows in the case to copy or move files and folders if you drag and drop it into place.
  2. Always copy: In the destination, a copied file or folder would always be placed by Always copy.
  3. Always move: File/ folder will be moved to the destination by the Always move.
  4. Always creat a shortcut: In the destination, a link to the original file or folder would always be placed by the Always creat a shortcut.Regedit

D. On the 4th step, to open the edit window you have to double-click the new DefaultDropEffect value, there if you want to Always copy you can enter Value data, 1 and then press OK button, or on the other hand, you might be wanting to move files/ folders.

E. After that, go to the second key and repeat the above steps, and create a new DWORD (32-bit) Value, give the name DefaultDropEffect, set that’s value to 1. You just use the left sidebar to navigate to the following key or you may copy and paste this into the address bar of Registry Editor.


F. Next, Right-click the AllFilesystemObjects folder. There, choose New, and then DWORD (32-bit) value, and name the new DWORD DefaultDropEffect.

G. Finally, double-click the new DefaultDropEffect value, Fill the Value Data to 1 and press the OK button.

H. Now, close the Registry Editor. You don’t require to restart your computer, the changes would show the effects just after this process.


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