How To Disable Developer Options And Enable On Andriod 8.0 Oreo

How To Disable Developer Options And Enable

Many new features come with Android Oreo and the most eye-catching new features are New Android 8.0 Oreo’s system settings menu. Which is now completely overtake from old settings to give you a complete brief look.

For this new changes of settings menu on Android Oreo, some of the device settings options change their path. And the device options on Android is included in it.

Note:- Developer Options mainly for Android developers but the most common option need for common people is USB Debugging

How to Enable Developer Options

In the old Android versions, you can easily enable and disable developer options by following some steps. But now in android Oreo things has been changed, the location of this settings re-located. Now you have to follow some new steps to enable or disable developer options. To do so follow below…How to Enable Developer Options

  • Go to “SYSTEM” under the Smartphone Settings now click on “About Device” (or similar). Now tap 5-10 times on “Build Number“.
  • After done this successfully you can see a notification message “You Are Now A Developer!“. The message meaning Developer Options have been Turn on into your Smart Phone. Now come to “System” again and you can see Developer Options, you can go inside by taping on it.
  • To disable Developer Options just toggle the button on to off. You can see the button on the right top corner. But this process can not disable fully, to disable fully continue reading. You are now a developer

How To Disable Developer Options

To Disable Developer options you need to take a serious action. You’ll need to Reset Data Settings of your phone. So before resetting your phone be sure to make a backup of your phone. To Disable Developer Options Follow this steps…How To Disable Developer Options

  • Go to Phone Settings > App Info > Settings >Storage > Clear Data. After taping Clear Data you will see a message “Delete App Data?”. Now tap on ok to continue.
  • Now your phone settings will be set to the default settings like a new phone. So Developer Options will be hidden like a new phone.

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