Essential Audio Adapter HD Is Finally Available | A Headphone Jack Accessory | Price | Specs

Essential Audio Adapter HD

Finally, the Audio Adapter HD Headphone Jack from Essential is now available for buy in Canada and in the US. The most promised Audio Adapter HD has come with machined titanium frame similar to the Essentials Phone’s frame.Essential audio adapter hd price

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Essential Audio Adapter HD Price And Specifications 


Essential said, that the Audio Adapter HD Headphone Jack included  “award-winning MQA technology, revealing the full sound of the original master recording“.

This Audio Adapter HD comes with an eye-watering value, it priced at $149. The Essential is giving you three months of free Tidal, as long as you subscribe to the HiFi music.

The Audio Adapter HD Headphone Jack accessory offered a high-resolution ESS Sabre DAC. It sports an audiophile-grade amp that supports power high impedance headphones with low distortion. The audio adapter gives you a high-resolution headphone jack. Audio Adapter HD can be flick into the Essential Phon’s magnetic accessory port on the back.Essential-Audio-Adapter-HD.-phone

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