Facebook’s New Voice Clip Feature ( India )

Facebook the social media giant has tested a new Voice Clip Feature status update option in India, with a limited number of Facebook users. The Voice clips status update will be an easier option than texting or uploading a video status. Users will be able to put voice clips as their status on their ‘activity feed‘ with the new feature. The Facebook has been working for many years to push people to share their unique personal content on the app instead of generic news links and headlines which people could find on other social media platforms like Twitter.

A Facebook spokesperson told TechCrunch,” we are always working to help people share and connect with their friends and family on Facebook in ways that are authentic to them. Voice Clips gives people a new medium through which to express themselves.”Voice Clip Feature

Technique For Getting Access To This New Voice Clip Feature

Firstly, users need to select ‘Add Voice Clip‘ from the status update option (which comes with photo uploads, location check-ins, video update and more). After that, users can see a waveform or a graphical representation which will go up and down as per your recording pitch. Then, a user can talk as long as they want. There is no specific time limitation made by Facebook on the Voice Clip Feature.

There is an option in new voice clip feature which gives a chance to users that they can preview the clip and listen to what they have recorded, but they can not edit the clip. Then the clip is ready to share and after sharing this with other friends and users can play and listen to it very easily. Users can not listen to the audio in the background while minimizing the app to do something like the other audio apps.

Facebook is getting more serious about voice clip feature services, they developing a smart speaker with the code-name Aloha, this wireless speaker can be connected to your smartphones and works on your voice command to like as — make calls, read news, order pizza and stream music etc.

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