Make Your Facebook Profile Picture Unique

To make your Facebook profile picture exclusive, unique, and notable to you can do some very simple steps. The procedures are stated below, you just follow them.

Wayes To Make Facebook Profile Picture Unique

Firstly, On Facebook at the top of your Facebook profile, you will see the recent five pictures accommodating a picture of you, and that is the way of making different from other, exclusive, original Facebook profile pictures.

You only need to enhance the main profile picture into these recent pictures (which are displayed at the top of your Facebook profile).  After doing this, your profile picture became large and show your best pictures in one canvas.picscatter unique facebook profile photo

As an alternative to the above option, you can do the same thing by using the free online tool named, Pic Scatter.  This online tool helps you to upload the top five images, any-one picture and adjust the picture to be shown in the profile section, and allow you to upload the wall, also.

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[Must Know: When you using this procedure, at any time you or a friend tags you in a photo, then this will be posted in the top section of your profile containing these effects. In the top-right corner of the picture, you will see X appears, click on X, if you want to keep this effect and hide any new photos. ]

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