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Fake GPS Location 

You prefer to just lie on the beach of Mallorca? No problem: with this fake GPS app you can fake your location on the phone. After all, right?

Not everyone wants to read various apps or Google’s current location. Be it on social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp or in AR games like Pokémon Go – on Android you have the option of a fake location. This will pretend your current position. We show how it works.

Pretend Fake GPS Location

This Is How The Location Is Determined By The Smartphone

Nowadays, your whereabouts are determined by the so-called “A-GPS“. This stands for “Assisted GPS” and means that your smartphone will also gather information about the location from available nearby Wi-Fi and mobile networks. This protects the mobile phone battery and you can also see the location in the interior, where there is actually no visual contact with the satellite of the GPS system.

Reasons why you should fake the GPS location

There are many different reasons why it might be good to change your GPS location. Of course, everyone has to weigh the pros and cons of this hack and should not misuse it for wrong purposes – especially for minors it can be dangerous if they are in danger and no one can locate their real location.

It is different for example for developers who want to test apps or if an online service only works in this one country. Others just want to protect their privacy – not everyone needs to know where I am. For Android devices, it all works relatively easy with certain apps, which we’ll introduce below.

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Attention, Pokémon Go players: Anyone attempting to change their real location in the popular AR game can, if discovered, be banned or banned by manufacturer Niantic. So think carefully, if you value it and you do not go out hunting monsters outside.fake gps location

With this app, you can change the GPS location

With the app “Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free” you can quickly specify a wrong location for services such as Jodel or WhatsApp. This tool has the advantage that you can change your whereabouts via GPS without any intrusion into the system. Currently, this is only possible for Android devices.

  • First, you have to download the app from the Play Store.
  • Before you can use it, you need to activate the developer options on your Android phone.
  • Now you go into the Android settings and look for the item “developer options”. Select this one.
  • Put the checkmark next to “Pseudo Locations”.
  • If the “Pseudo-locations” are activated, you will be asked for an app for this: Select the downloaded Fake-Location-App.
  • Now activate your location in the Android settings. Uses as location mode “device only”, so your cell phone does not correct over Wi-Fi or the mobile network, the location.
  • Then start the fake location app. Now you can change the whereabouts as you like. With the “Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free” you do this by double-typing the location you want to use.
  • Finally, you tap the orange arrow at the bottom right. Now the selected fake location should appear in various apps and Google Maps.
  • To cancel the location deception, tap the Stop icon in the lower left corner of the app.

Conclusion: Just fake location on Android

So far, only Android has the ability to fake a wrong location without having to go deep into the system. The easiest way to do that is via Fake GPS apps like “Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free“, which you can easily use to pretend that you are in a different location. Especially for people who want to protect their privacy, this can be very useful. There are also good reasons for VPN clients on the smartphone.

If you still want to protect your data from Google, you can also delete the Google history on your PC and smartphone.

There are also other Play Store apps, such as “Fake GPS Location – Floater” or “Mock GPS with Joystick“, which you can use to simulate a location bluff as described above. It is important that you activate the developer options for Android and then select the respective app in the step with the “pseudo-locations“.

By the way, if you generally value privacy and security, you can find out if your phone has been hacked.


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