Features Regarding All New Google Tasks

New Google Tasks

For several years Google has launched many many useful app or product. The new feature in their list is google task. This is available for both iOS and Android operating system. Along with the new interface of Gmail, google task has become more user-friendly in there new interface.

I’ll try to share my knowledge with all of you in this article about the Google task. I’ll also provide links for both iOS and Android users to download this app.

New Google Tasks link for iOS

New Google Tasks link for Android

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Accessing The Google Task On Gmail 

In the new Gmail interface, any user can easily access task features from the Gmail dashboard. In order to do it, you have to first do these simple things…

Google Task Steps

  • Go to the Gmail dashboard.
  • Click the settings icon. (to toggle between new and old Gmail interface)
  • Click on the task icon to access google task.

new Google tasks

How To Use The Google Task App

Just think of what you want to do and make a list and BINGO!!!!! The Google task is there to solve it. Make a list for example…

Google Task To Do List

  • Things to Purchase
  • Places to Travel
  • Financial Tasks
  • Business works
  • Other personal Things to do
  • Movies to Watch
  • Music to Listen etc.

The new google tasks to do list

One of the coolest features of the Google task is you can turn any mail into the task by simply dragging an email and then by dropping it into to do list. You can do it by simply dragging and dropping the mail into a task or by pressing SHIFT+T after selecting the mail you want to put in to do list.mail to new google tasks


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