9 Best Tools To Find Out Keywords Of Your Competitors

Keyword, if we divide the word into two-parts then it can look like ‘Key‘, ‘Word‘, now you may think why this? I just want to say you how valuable thing a ‘Keyword‘ or ‘Keywords‘ are really. Its name reveals its capabilities. Keywords really can be fruitful as the key to success, it is easy if you know the keywords of your competitors. To reach excellent productive search marketing, keyword research is the necessary one.

For many reasons keyword research is important for example, drive organic traffic, fruitful content marking, getting great ad groups, and getting advertising to acquire powerful Pay-Per-Click (PPC), etc. High-intent keyword, logical keyword, these all-important into the keyword research segment.

Many times at the time of keyword analyzing, a thing seems required that is, keywords of competitors. It is a very useful path of getting support from a crowded space and gain advantages over others. In this section, peoples need to find out the keywords of competitors to achieve extra benefits than some other similar treads.

Finding out the keywords of competitors is not too hard and also not very easy. Yes, with the help of a tool one can easily know the keywords of competitors. If you are curious about it and want to know how you can know the keywords of your competitors, then you have to read this article up to its end. Here I mentioned the 9 best tools for you, among them you choose yours. I assure you, your work will be more easy and productive with these tools.

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The List Of The (Keywords Of Competitors) Tools At A Glance

  1. SpyFu
  2. SEMrush
  3. BuzzSumo
  4. SimilarWeb
  5. Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer
  6. Moz
  7. KeywordTool.io
  8. Keyword Everywhere
  9. Answer the Public

The Best 9 Tools To Find Out Keywords Of Competitors

  • SpyFu:  At first I say you about the ‘SpyFu’ tool, it’s a competitive intelligence researching tool that allows you to know your competitor keywords. This popular tool lets you do searches. You can type the name of your competitors on the search bar and offer you to know some important things related to keywords and others, for example, each keyword that your competitor runs on AdWords and each ad variation over the past 12 years you can know, you can know organic ranking for each keyword, etc.Spyfu Keyword research

The SpyFu let you know some other valuable thing such as CTR, ad spend, ranking history, data of local and global monthly search volume, backlinks, ad groups is readily available, drinking history, advertising history, etc. It supports lots of things to help you, deep awareness on why your competitors rank good but you can’t do that.

SEO, PPC, and keyword research for these all the ‘SpyFu’ is excellent. It can do SERP and PPC analysis, Keyword Grouper tool, etc. We can say that it can be an alternative to Google Keyword Tool. It can give you a review of competitors’ backlinks, a three-way competitor research tool, and comprehensive reports, etc. In the PPC competitor research segment it can lots for you like as, PPC ad rank tracking, negative match recommendations, AdWords Spy tool, etc. You can easily choose this strong tool to use.

Cost: The SpyFu has three plans, Basic, Professional, and Team. The price for one month of these three plans is respectively, $39, $78, and $299.

  • SEMrush: The second tool on our list is, SEMrush, which is a very supportive tool, that helps you to easily find out the keywords of your competitors. The SEMrush allows you to search by URL or keyword, identify different match types for PPC keywords, study domain analytics data for total sites, and filter results by geographical country/ area.Semrush Grow Organic Traffic

There is a ‘Domain Analytics’ part by going there and then to the ‘Organic Research’ menu, you can get the ‘Competitors Dashboard’ part, from this part you can start research on keywords of competitors. You can get some important ideas on keyword optimization, SEO intelligence, competitors’ backlinks, etc. More than 140 countries software and data included in SEMrush’s 40 plus tools. This a very well-known work-full tool for finding out the keywords of competitors.

Cost: The SEMrush offers three paid plans, and one free plan for 7-days, the Pro, Guru, and Businesses are the paid plans of SEMrush. The price of Pro is $99.95, Guru is $199.95, and the Businesses is $399.95.

  • BuzzSumo:  The best tool to watch competitors’ content’s performance on various social media is the ‘BuzzSumo’. From this tool, you can easily know your big competitors, and you can also know the individual articles of your competitors that are performing well during a particular time.Buzzsumo Find Content

The BuzzSumo allows you to create a content strategy basing the score, and this tool also lets you find out trending stories thus you can take the position to create content that would go viral very easily and quickly. This tool supports you to see your competitor’s content has been shared by how many peoples. You can see that from various social networking sites, for example, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.

On a real-time basis, you can acquire data from the BuzzSumo, which sends you notifications at the time your competitor has seemed online. This feature is beneficial. This can trudge you through a huge number of forum posts, that includes, Quora, Reddit, Amazon, Q&A Sites, etc. It is a thing to think if you join a discussion with your customers and answer their questions then this will be very eye-catching.

Cost: The BuzzSumo offers 4 plans, which they named, Pro, Plus, Large, and Enterprise,  and these costs are respectively, $99, $179, $299, and $499. Users can get access to all the plans for free for a period of 7 days.

  • SimilarWeb: Another outstanding tool to see the keyword of competitors is the ‘SimilarWeb’. It is very efficient in some other segments, for example, it can say you which channel gets the most traffic, monthly traffic of your competitors, from where your competitor’s visitors come, etc. If you want you can add some more competitors and then compare traffic with them all. The ‘SimilarWeb’ is very much efficient for doing all these types of things.Similar Web Analyse Tool

Coming to the keyword, by this tool you know your competitor’s real and paid keywords, you can know the most popular keywords and the traffic, ads that are originated by your competitors. Many sites from where your competitors get traffic such as display ads, social sites, referrals, and search engine results, you can watch them. There is another important thing you know from SimilarWeb, that is, other websites that people visit during the same browsing session.

There is a way in ‘SimilarWeb’ that helps you to compare your website against your competitors. You can know your competitor’s session time, page visits, performance, bounce rate, etc by the process.

Cost: There is a free version for users of SimilarWeb. Users also can get an Enterprise version in SimilarWeb. To get more details about pricing you have to go, https://www.similarweb.com/corp/pricing/.

  • Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer:  The Ahrefs help you to know referring domains, organic traffic, number of backlinks, organic keyword, etc. You can know the website structure of your competitors by getting important information, like as, the division of your competitor’s website that gets a large number of traffics of a country.Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

You can easily find out the keywords of competitors, the great thing is you can get the data from Yahoo, Amazon, YouTube, Baidu, and also obviously from Google. The Ahrefs’ Keyword Explorer also lets you make low competition keywords thus you can get high traffic. There is a tool in Ahrefs, named Keywords Explorer that can help you to see search volumes and the approximate number of clicks on search results.

Cost: Ahrefs has also 4 plans just like BuzzSumo, but both are different. Ahrefs’s four plans features, price, name both are different, they called, Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Agency. The Lite and Standard plans are available for users at $7 for 7 days. Coming to the real price of 4 plans are respectively, $99, $179, $399, and $999.

  • Moz: The Moz is a great supportive tool, that carries 95% authenticity on its predicted search volume for keywords. You can get a SERP analysis from Moz and know the reasons why some pages rank efficiently and some cannot. There are some occupation tools in Moz, they are, SEO Audit & Crawl, Rank Tracking, Keyword Research, SEO Toolbar & Domain Analysis, Backlink Research, etc.Moz Content Oprimization

It sends some valuable notifications to make yourself more improved. Moz sends notifications if it sees any issues, some important recommendations for your site, and it also checks the total length and breadth of your domain for errors.

This Keyword Explorer tool able to make you better, that’s why it let you know many important things, such as, the keywords which were used at the time of organic searches by visitors, the search history for the keywords that have used in a particular period of time, and most importantly, this tool also lets you recognize your competitors a bit more than usual, very easily you can know the keywords of competitors.

This tool can help you by informing the keywords through which your site could rank up, it is also capable to target long-tail keywords thus your site can get more applicability. In this tool, you can search root domain, subdomain, keyword via an accurate page. A vital part you can know from the Moz, which is, expected volume and CTR rate scores, and keyword difficulty, these are very much valuable things for driving traffic, and ranking of your domain.

Cost: Standard, Medium, Large, and Premium, the Moz has these four plans. The costs of these four plans are respectively, $99, $179, $249, and $599.

  • KeywordTool.io: It is a different type of tool from others on our list. The KeywordTool.io supports you to find out the variety of keywords for building different pages. You can collect keywords relating to a theme or group or applicable topics. You can use these topics to make your own page or you may combine them with other topics. It can support you by giving ideas for content.Keywordtool io

Looking at its facility for the keyword we can see that, the tool lets know search volume and competitive precious keywords, and through the KeywordTool.io, you can also know the keywords that used in various sites very quickly, for example, Google, Amazon, Bing, YouTube, etc.

Cost: This tool support three paid plans, and one free version that is available for users for the life-time. Pro Business, Pro Plus, and Pro Basic are the paid versions of the ‘KeywordTool.io’ tool, the monthly cost of these plans are respectively, $89, $99, and $199.

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  • Keyword Everywhere: This is a very user-friendly tool, users can customize data sets as per their choice, they can remove irrelevant unrequited data. On Chrome or Firefox, the ‘Keyword Everywhere’ extension is used. The last 12 months’ average total searches for a particular keyword are accessible via this tool.Keywords Everywhere CPC

You can know many valuable things from this tool, such as to estimate search volume, longtail keywords, CPC data, Google and Bing’s searched related keywords, etc. By going to Bing, Google, GA, Amazon, YouTube, etc you can very quickly and easily watch data on a real-time basis.

Cost: The ‘Keyword Everywhere’ offers 100,000 credits for $10. In this tool, you require to buy credits to use the extension, if the number of credits will incense by you then the price will also get increased, that depends on your need.

  • Answer The Public: It is also a bit more unique tool on our list. After getting a proper keyword research tool the next important part comes to the ads, which are responsible for attracting users and push them to buy many times.Answer The Public

The workability I want to say for ‘Answer the Public’ is, knowing people’s questions. You can get almost a storehouse of questions which are searched by the audience, that information is really very beneficial. You only require the monthly volume of related keywords to select the ones which are optimized best for search.

Cost: The ‘Answer the Public’ presents a free version to their users. Anyone can use the free version, there are no specific plans based on usage, if you want you can choose the pay version. You have to pay monthly for that, the cost is $99. Their annual bill is $948.


Advantage-of-knowing--keywordsThe tools explained above are not all very costly, but some are, truly. If you think to use the advantages of knowing keywords of your competitors, to get more profit/ gain then you can go with any tool of above. Your hard work, efforts for making your own business big, and then an extra bite, the keyword finding tool, can give an extra touch of a good result for your business and of course yourself also. I think you will get lots of help from this article.

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