6 Free English Learning Mobile Apps To Learn English Faster

Lots of language-learning apps are available now to help you learn easily, but this is very difficult to find out the good one. To solve this problem we have mentioned six free English learning mobile apps to improve/learn the English language at your home easily. You only need a smartphone to get this feature. Here you know about them and chose to use which you want, I think it would help you for bright feature, let’s start

List Of Free English Learning Apps Are Here

A. DUOLINGO – Learn English For Free


Generally, Duolingo uses interactive games to help learners. This offers 23 different languages (including English) to learn. It is an ad supportive app but its premium version removes ads and lets you download courses for offline uses.DUOLINGO Learn English for free

In the beginning, the app focuses on verbs, sentences, and phrases, and on the other hand, advanced users can improve their languages by completing vocabulary, speaking, and writing lessons.

Learners need to choose the language to learn and after that learner has to confirm whether they want to learn the language from scratch or improve. Thereafter selection, the app will let learners through a simple test which helps learners to understand their skills in the language. Learners if do a mistake this app will use a different game immediately to help them learn correctly, and if learners again do a mistake then the Duolingo will use a different game again to help learners understand the topic.

B. AWABE – Languages For Beginners


The Awabe works offline, if you searching for the offline app for you then it is good enough because it has lots of data to improve your English skills. This presents over 4000 common vocabularies and phrases to the learners.AWABE Beginners learning app

The Awabe daily offers you memorizing tests, listing, and speaking test thus your learning skills go better every day.  It provides audio and video lessons, language learning games, translation and more to help you learn English.

C. HELLOTALK – Talk To The World


The specialty of HelloTalk is it connects you with native speakers and provides some favor to you to learn the language easily, and you can get many extra features in your learning path from the HelloTalk.HELLOTALK talk to the world

It let you watch the profiles of users manually to find a match that interests you and this also has the features of sending audio messages, text and making video calls to others.

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D. LEARN ENGLISH DAILY – Learn English Daily


This app includes thousands of words and phrases narrated by native speakers, basically, it is listing and speaking based language learning app.

LEARN ENGLISH DAILYThe Learn English Daily allows you to speak sentences every day to make your English better every day. You can listen to phrases that offer this app to improve your pronunciation.

E. MEMRISE – Faster Way To Learning


Memrise’s large number of lessons are gamified. For regular users, it presents all the tools. This app has different courses for a lot of various languages (including the English language).MEMRISE

Actually, these courses are constructed by other members of the Mesmerise community, thus it assembles Merise as a crowd-sourced learning platform.

F. HELLO ENGLISH – Teach English To World


The most recommended language learning app is this app, Hello English. It also uses interactive games to teach different Eglish lessons and you can earn coins to unlock more difficult lessons. This provides the latest news, audiobooks, and books to keep increasing your skills.HELLO ENGLISH tech to world

It is a free app but ad-supportive, though it’s the premium version remove ads and unlock special courses for a particular purpose.

You will have to select your native language to continue when you open the app first. You will see there 22 languages and you have to choose the one from there which you want. Next, you will be given a 20 questions test, by which the app will know your current English level, and as per the test result, you will be recommended lessons for learning. It provides translation, grammar, spoken, reading, vocabulary, and spelling skills to make your skills stronger.

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